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Turning your Personal Pain into Purpose- "A Better Way" [E062]

beautiful woman wearing headscarfDr. Bryan Joseph interviews Dr. Tabor Smith about his documentary, “A Better Way Film” – a movie that could save your life! You shouldn’t have to worry about being prescribed medicines that simply cover up one illness while creating a new one. Yet, Big Pharma has been able to continue to mislead the government and the public, and keep you sick! It has to stop! This documentary goes head-to-head with pharmaceutical executives to uncover the truth and help you be empowered to take control of your health.

Table Of Contents

An Introduction To A Better Way

Dr. Bryan Joseph: Today, I’m really, really excited to introduce to you Dr. Tabor Smith. Welcome. It sounded like to me that the basic premise of why we all started this has some similar overlap and that’s what I thought was cool. That’s why I thought that this would be a good opportunity for us to both share really why you wanted to do the project that you’re doing, and how it manifested the way that it did.

Dr. Tabor Smith: Well, I appreciate what you do and I appreciate you allowing me to share what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. There’s never been a more important time for people to hear this. I mean, we started obviously two years ago, you and I both pretty close, and for a reason because people needed to hear it then. That it has multiplied that people need to hear it today more than they ever have before. What do they need to hear?

They need to hear that we don’t have to be dependent on something else for health. That’s really the general overview. I mean, I’ll get into the story of how this started. It’s to help people understand that health comes from within. That it’s within reach for you to be able to change your life and change your health. There are ways you could do that. There are tips and strategies that you could learn from someone else. I think it starts with that seed of hope, knowing that it is possible. Then you start looking for the path to find out how you get there.

Dr. Tabor’s Backstory

Dr. Bryan Joseph: Dr. Tabor, because you might be new to our audience, can you give everybody a little bit of a background about where you are, how you became a practicing chiropractor? Really, a little bit of your story.

Dr. Tabor Smith: This is a great way to segment the project, the documentary that we’re working on, because this is where it actually started. My family was what I call medically minded. Meaning, we just always reached for a medication to cover up a symptom. I mean, never took anything else besides medicine or looked for any other way to get healthy. In fact, my mom was in doctor’s offices and hospitals my whole life growing up. She was a type 1 diabetic who didn’t really understand how to manage blood sugar levels well.

She developed renal failure in her 30s, and had to go on dialysis. I remember going to the hospital every other day or taking her every other day to get her blood cleaned because her kidneys didn’t work anymore. She went into a wheelchair at the age of 40 and so she was on a massive amount of medications. In fact, when she was only 47 years old, she passed away. She died of a massive heart attack in the middle of her sleep. I had to go home. I was actually in college at the time and I had to go home.

We were going through all of her things and I found an overnight case of hers. Really, for her, we all knew that this was something it never left her side. It was an every night case, I guess. She would keep her medication inside this case. When I sat down, I started pulling out medication after medication and I counted.

The chiropractic path

Dr. Tabor Smith: I sat there and I counted 21 prescription medications that she was on at the time. It hit me. It hit me that if she was doing all of this to improve her health, but it got her 47 years and not even quality years, that that couldn’t be the best option.

There had to be a better way. I realized when I started to look at myself that I was headed down the same path. I mean, it wasn’t diabetes for me, but I had severe spine pain, spine issues, shooting pains down my legs, numbness, tingling. To the point where at some instances when it would flare up, I would consider myself disabled. I couldn’t hardly function. I was going to doctor’s offices, was taking over-the-counter pain meds, muscle relaxers.

It just continued to build for me as well; just an eye-opening experience. Like, “I don’t want to continue to go down this path.” When I look back then, that’s what led me into chiropractic. I found a chiropractor who completely helped change my life forever. That’s where I decided that I wanted to do that, but it wasn’t until recently I realized what chiropractic really saved me from. Not only a life of poor quality health, maybe even a shorter life.

Right at that time was when the opioid crisis had started. I was in severe pain on about every pain medication they could give me. I could have been a statistic there if it wasn’t for finding a better way to get healthy. Discovering where health came from. That’s where this whole documentary, this whole project revolves around, is trying to show people that there’s a better way.

Being Brainwashed with Pharmaceutical Ads

Dr. Bryan Joseph: Obviously that had to have been a very, very tough time and tough experience. All of us have in life these teachable moments or these aha moments. I would imagine that that moment of your life was such a defining moment. That it’s been a pivotal push as to why you chose the pathway or career that you did. Now even how you’re starting to spread this mission and this message, which they always say, and every pain becomes a purpose.

Dr. Tabor Smith: I tell my patients now, I’ve been a chiropractor for 12 years now. I tell them my mom was always looking, and like many people out there right now, looking for that ‘cure’. Looking for that one thing that you could take from the outside of your body, you could put it on the inside, and then everything would just be better. Unfortunately, that’s not reality. That’s the reality that, we’re brought up thinking.

It’s almost how we’re conditioned with 60/70 TV commercials on pharmaceutical ads running every single day that we’re just bombarded with this way. We’re creating this brainwash almost if you will, that that’s where health comes from. That in fact, so many times, finding your path to health is not about adding something to you to fix or to correct what your issue is. It’s about finding what is interfering with health that’s already there.

You already have an expression of health inside of you, but there may be something interfering with that. Once you find that interference and remove that interference, your body’s able to express health the way it was designed to in the first place.

A Better Way – The Movie That Could Save Your Life

Dr. Bryan Joseph: It’s amazing to me that you’ve pushed the chips in and actually went after actually pushing this message on a bigger scale. Tell everybody or share with our audience, what’s coming? What is this project you’ve been working on? Because you and I are more familiar with A Better Way, but what is it?

Dr. Tabor Smith: Well, the truth is there exists a population of people who have discovered a better way. They were on multiple medications and they discovered paths that led them away from that, got off their medications, turned their life around, and cured their own diseases. That population exists. If that population exists, which it does, then all you have to do is find out how they did it and you’re able to recreate those results.

What we’ve done is I traveled the country, interviewing the most amazing stories that you’ve ever heard of. Then asking them, person by person, “What did you do? How did it change? How did you implement this? Where did your thinking come from?” Then found the experts that helped them change their life and interviewed those experts and asked them, “How did that happen? How were they able to get off of those medications? What changes did you recommend that they make in their life?”

Really put it together in a storyboard process, hour-and-a-half, feature-length film that keeps you engaged. You could almost call it edutainment. Because you’re really going to learn something from this documentary, but at the same time, it’s going to share the stories of some individuals that would just blow your mind.

The Stories of Dr. Chris Zaino and other people in the film

Dr. Tabor Smith: For example, you probably know a colleague of ours, Dr. Chris Zaino. When he was 21, he won Mr. America. I mean, this guy looked like the perfect picture of health.

Then as soon as he won Mr. America, he actually got really sick. He was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. His health went spiraling down. He was sitting there and was on chemo drugs. He was about to have his entire colon removed and found a way to prevent that surgery. Completely reversed that, build his health back, become one of the most renowned wellness doctors, and won Mr. Universe at the age of 40. It went from almost death to winning Mr. Universe. Just an amazing story. That’s just one of the many stories in our documentaries.

Dr. Bryan Joseph: If you want to hear more on Chris’s story or Dr. Zaino, we did a podcast episode with him. It’s episode 36. You can always go back and hear a detailed explanation of what Dr. Tabor is sharing. When is the film coming out?

Dr. Tabor Smith: July 2nd. I really want to urge everyone to secure their ticket. We’re actually going to live stream it for free on our website. We wanted to get it into some theaters, but right now because of the whole crisis that’s going on, a lot of the theaters aren’t showing. What we decided to do is we’re going to do a big event online. All you have to do is go to, Enter your name and email, and you’ll get a free ticket to that live stream to see that movie free.

3 Things To Have A Better Path

Dr. Bryan Joseph: You’ve done a few of these interviews and met with many people. If you had to boil down the top three discoveries that you had to share with somebody that says, “Listen, if you just get these three things right, you’re at least going to have a better path, a better way towards your current maybe health outcome.” What would those be?

Dr. Tabor Smith: One of the most profound experiences that I’ve had in this whole journey was when I actually got to travel to Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. On the compound at the Kennedy Compound, I got to interview Robert F. Kennedy Jr. His insights were amazing. I mean, he’s been through a lot of fights with big corporations, big pharma. People trying to take advantage of smaller people. What he shared with us just about the corruption that goes on at those levels, you have to realize that just because a medication comes out and they want to give it to you doesn’t mean it’s your best option. There is so much … and I’m not saying that it’s never an option.

I’m just saying that you really have to start to think that there are people behind those medications that want to make money. Because of that fact, and it’s an absolute truth and a fact, you have to start considering other things that might be better options for you, number one. Number two, every single person that I interviewed had a component that deals with their nervous system. I’m telling you, this may be the biggest thing that people get out of this movie, is this is an area of health that has been neglected in our healthcare system.

Realize that our bodies are amazing

Dr. Tabor Smith: Chiropractors are really the only ones who are keeping it alive and sharing it with people right now. That the nervous system is your master system and controller of the body. If that system becomes damaged, then it doesn’t matter what you put in your body. Be it nutrition, be it the exercise that you get, or be it any medications that you get. The nervous system, when it is damaged, will present itself as the body not functioning correctly or not healing correctly.

That component that these people got, completely transformed and changed their lives and may be the most important. Then the third thing, one thing that people that I interviewed really got, there was a point, and I always tell people, there was a point where the switch came on. The light came on in these people. That was when they realized that they went from thinking that their body was broken and they need to find a way to fix it. That was their journey, “My body’s broken. I need to find a way to fix it. That’s why I’m trying all these things.”

To realizing that their body is amazing. That it’s a miracle. That it heals every day. That every time we eat a piece of food, that our brain tells our stomach to digest and assimilate nutrients and takes those nutrients to 70 trillion cells in our body. We wouldn’t make it through a day if it wasn’t for the amazing intelligence in your body. That your body’s always trying to do what’s best for you, no matter your symptom.

Medicine is not the only path to build health

Dr. Tabor Smith: I think we have to realize that even though medicine may be necessary in certain aspects to address certain symptoms, it is not what builds health. That realization can literally change your life. Where you realize if taking the most medication made you healthy, my mom would have been the healthiest person on the planet.

That means there has to be other avenues to actually build health, no matter what medications you’re taking, maybe work with a medical doctor to limit, to decrease those, or whatever you have to do. Realize that relationship with your medical doctor and talking just about those medications that do nothing to build real health inside your body.

Closing Thoughts To A Better Way

Dr. Bryan Joseph: As we wrap up this podcast episode, I think you chose a phenomenal name, just a better way. Because there’s a lot of people on the opposite end of this microphone or hearing this through their radio that are actually looking for a better way.

Dr. Tabor Smith: If I could just close with a couple of maybe some things that might help with patients’ mindset. Number one is I want you to know you deserve to be healthy. You absolutely deserve it. To not stop looking and not stop trying and not lose hope until you find health, because when you really understand that it really isn’t even something you find. It’s already there inside of you. It’s something that you’ll discover again. When you find what’s interfering with your body expressing health, all you have to do is remove that interference and then you’re able to live the life that you deserve.

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