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Joint Pain Care in O’Fallon

person getting knee injection

Are you dealing with chronic joint pain? We’re excited to let patients know about a new, advanced offering: Joint injections designed to help your own body regenerate and heal.

Using advanced methods, your body’s ability to restore naturally can be unlocked-even if you’ve been dealing with chronic issues for years.

Saving Bad Joints

It’s no secret that surgeries like knee, shoulder, and hip replacements are getting more common than ever before-and in fact, they’re happening to people who are younger than ever, too. That’s because our body’s have become de-conditioned-we’re moving less and sitting more, causing chronic issues to grow and grow.

That’s where joint injections come in.

Utilizing human cellular tissue, joint injections carried out by a certified nurse practitioner at The Wellness Connection can help improve major or minor chronic joint conditions. The injections work by delivering healthy tissue to problem areas where past injuries didn’t heal completely or properly. The new healthy tissue promotes regeneration and improves the strength and integrity of the joint.

Incredible Results Fast

The best part? In just a few injections, patients often notice incredible results. A typical course of care usually involves 1-4 injections two weeks apart, which are carried out using the help of a guided ultrasound to determine exactly where the injections can be most effective. There’s no referral needed for care-simply book a consultation with us and we’ll help you find out if it’s right for you.

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We’d love to help you feel your best. If you’d like to learn more about the all-natural ways that our team can help, contact us today to book a visit. We look forward to learning more about your health goals and helping you achieve them.
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