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Pregnancy And Pediatric Care in O’Fallon

For some the thought of chiropractic care for pregnant women or young children may seem foreign. That is understandable due to the lack of proper education around the topic.

During pregnancy, gentle and specific chiropractic care helps to prepare the body to be as balanced and strong as possible to carry a growing baby as well as to prepare the body for a safe and healthy delivery.

Pediatric chiropractic care is rooted in the understanding that many of the problems we have as adults begin when we are infants or very young. By being pro-active and addressing spinal misalignments as soon as possible through precise and gentle chiropractic, parents can help their children avoid common childhood health issues as well as possibly avert even more health challenges later in life.
New Patients

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Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy helps to maintain pelvic alignment and full spine motion. These factors can contribute to less discomfort while carrying a growing baby. Making pregnancy more enjoyable for mom!

Labor and Birth

The addition of regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can lead to improved labor and delivery by improving alignment and movement of the entire spine, specifically the low back and pelvis. This has been confirmed by many of our pregnant patients who have experienced easier labor and delivery compared to previous labor/delivery without chiropractic care.

Toddler adjustment

After Baby Arrives

Even the best natural births can cause stress to a newborn’s entire spine. This stress leads to misalignments, just like in an adult. In infants however, these misalignments may lead to challenges with breast feeding, problems with sleeping or even challenges with hitting certain developmental milestones (rolling over, sitting up, crawling)

The techniques designed to help infants or children are extremely gentle and are not the same techniques that are used to treat adults. Rest assured that the doctors and staff in our office have a great deal of experience helping infants and children of all ages.

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