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Meet Dr. Bryan Joseph

From One Athlete to Another

Attending the University of Iowa and Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Bryan graduated with a deep understanding of how crucial our nervous system is to keeping our body well.

The more time that goes by, he better understands homeostasis and all the things that go into helping you heal and stay healthy. After years of playing football, basketball and baseball, Dr. Bryan Joseph developed a passion for sports and improving the performance of other athletes.

Dr. Bryan appreciates building relationships on a foundation of hope and trust. He believes that it’s possible to change and feel better, and he’ll do all that he can to help you.

Our Services

Specializing in Helping You

Dr. Bryan now specializes in treating headaches through chiropractic care, functional rehabilitation, core strength training and whole body improvement. He’s also a candidate to be a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® and trains under the chiropractors for the U.S. Olympics, the PGA tour, the St. Louis Rams and the California Angels.

Living a Life of Wellness

Alongside his family (including his wife, Dr. Olivia Joseph), Dr. Bryan lives an active lifestyle and prioritizes weekly adjustments. He has taken a missions trip to Haiti and now enjoys public speaking.

He was also recently published in the book, “Dynamic Health,” featuring one of the nation’s leading pediatric oncologists, Dr. Bernie Siegel. Locally, Dr. Bryan and his team donate quite a bit to St. Vincent de Paul.

On a national basis, The Wellness Connection has donated considerably to Feed the Children.

Dr. Bryan believes everyone lives better by improving their health and wellness and welcomes you to experience true healing for yourself.

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