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The Wellness Connection podcast exists to transform lives: We are launching this podcast to give you hope. We want you to ignite your health and brighter future:

We all constantly hear that our healthcare system is broken, that community health is failing, that people are hurting – But it doesn’t have to be that way: hope is not lost, people deserve better.

Dr Bryan Joseph
Dr. Bryan Joseph
Dr. Jason Hamed
Dr. Jason Hamed



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Tune in to our latest episode all about Thyroid! Hashimoto’s, autoimmune diseases and thyroid dysfunction are all in harmony with multiple systems of the body. Discover why you may be taking medications and not feeling better or you may feel like you have a thyroid condition and your doctor says your numbers are within ‘normal range’. more»
Continuing in our series on coronavirus, this episode is designed around how to give your immune system support by building, boosting AND protecting it. We’ve had an influx of questions surrounding this topic and wanted to provide you with ways to keep your body healthy during these volatile times! more»
“I wish we could go back to 1 year ago…when it was good” Check out Dr. Bryan Joseph interviewing his 9-year-old son Jude, and hear his kid’s perspective as we continue our series related to Coronavirus and how you can stay healthy! more»
With coronavirus among us, we wanted to take this topic head-on! We have heard so many comments about how this is no different from any other virus. Dr. Olivia Joseph shares her expertise, opinion, and research on the current coronavirus and its potential origins. more»
Join us to explore an approach to having happy relationships at home with this stress management strategy. It can help set you up for success in your life. Dr. Bryan Joseph interviews Dr. Stephen Fransen with is ‘coffee break’ strategy to reveal how he balances his work/personal life and still keeps the spark alive! more»
Flexibility and mobility are the topics of this episode. This important conversation is with Dr. Michael Saint and Dr. Jason, both of The Wellness Connection. They are leading experts in all things mobility and flexibility. The aging process can cause rigidity in a lot of ways. Increasing and maintaining flexibility along with mobility during your lifetime can set yourself up for success in your older years. Discover why your body will thank you for moving and staying as active as possible. more»
In this episode, Dr. Bryan Joseph interviews Dr. Anthony Pasek on why understanding poop and its importance can help you live a happier healthier life! If you are one of those people who is currently experiencing digestive issues or gut concerns, listen up, because we are speaking directly to you. The value of learning what to ask your doctor when it comes to stool could save you trouble in the long run. more»
Leading Doctor in the Chiropractic field, Dr. Joe Esposito shares his personal story about his journey into the health and wellness field. Being aligned for life starts with getting down to the root cause of any issue and tackling the imbalances in your body. After successfully opening AlignLife Chiropractic and Natural Health,Dr. Joe continues to travel widely and has devoted considerable time teaching about natural healing methods to help counter balance some of the impacts of poor dietary choices and excessive drug consumption that plagues America today. more»
Dr. Issac Jones, the Health and Wellness Consultant for Entrepreneurs, shares how he went from being diagnosed with ADHD along with dyslexia with failing grades to achieving consecutive months on the Dean’s List, dropping his medications and shaping a brighter future for himself! Dr. Bryan Joseph interviews, Dr. Issac Jones on how to transform your brain and particularly how he achieved his successes and drop the label of “ADHD” by tapping into his “SuperHuman Operating System” and illuminating his life. more»
Health starts from birth to death. it’s not a phase of life you experience or a diet that you go on. It’s a journey from day one until the end. Dr. Whitney Hamed, pediatric and prenatal specialist, shares the importance of why health starts in the womb and can set the tone for the rest of the baby’s life – all the seasons throughout life. In this episode, you will discover how to make sure your child is developing within the first 3 years of life as they hit their milestones all the way to puberty and beyond. more»
Dr. Bryan Joseph induces the newest member to The Wellness Connection, Kristy Shaughnessy. She shares how her personal struggle with health and weight loss helped to shape her future decision to become a certified clinical nutritionist. Kristy shares how her real-life experiences can help benefit the patients that sit across the desk from her every day. Especially when it comes to understanding types of food, diabetes, hormones, decreased energy and weight loss and more. more»
Wear and tear on the body happens whether we like it or not. We may begin to develop arthritis. We feel like the aging process has been sped up and we begin to slow down. This can be extremely frustrating as we cannot do some of the activities we used to! We begin to ask what helps joints. Dr. Bryan Joseph shares his personal story on how extreme pain in his 20s caused him to go from an athlete to hardly being able to walk. After doctor visit upon doctor visit and no answers, he finally discovered PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and his life changed completely. more»
Often times we focus on the physical and chemical stressors we face but neglect a vital aspect of health. In this episode, we want to make sure you have the tools to decrease emotional stress and create a full set of inspiring habits that address all dimensions of life so you live a healthy well rounded, balanced fulfilled life. more»
Poisons and toxins have always been around and our bodies know how to deal with them. However, these toxins are starting to take over and ultimately making it harder for your body to detox them. In this episode, Dr. Bryan and Dr. Olivia Joseph will show you why and how you can cleanse your body to rid toxins from your system. more»
Ever wonder the difference in ADD and ADHD – especially when it comes to children vs. Adults? Why do some people get ‘it’ and some people don’t? In this episode, we will dive deep into the difference between these two ‘labels’ and what it looks like from a holistic and natural perspective. more»
With health conditions and trends changing every day, it is hard to determine what really works and what does not! After practicing for 16 years, Dr. Bryan Joseph and Dr. Jason Hamed tackle the top 10 health conditions and the common trends they see. In this episode, they want to give you an opportunity to shift your thinking and stay on the cutting edge of your health! more»
Here are a few tips on how to boost immune system naturally and decrease your allergy symptoms. Rather than move to a different state to ‘get away from allergies’, discover how you can reduce your response to allergens naturally. You are never going to fully get away from allergens – they are everywhere – inside your home and outside. A lot to do with immune and gut health has to do with how you respond to allergens. What goes on in your body ‘internally’ will directly affect how you are going to respond to what is going on ‘externally’ from your body. more»
If you were stuck on an island and there was only one supplement you could take with you, what would it be? For Dr. Olivia Joseph it’s Magnesium supplement! In this episode, we discuss why magnesium is the most under-discussed but is the most important supplement to take. Also, understanding why a multivitamin with magnesium may not be enough and how to learn if you have a deficiency. more»
Dr. Bryan shares the top 10 health tips and myths to break that he has heard from patients over the years that kept them from getting well and staying well. Breaking down and tackling those myths one by one is the only way to start improving your quality of life! more»
In today’s society, we hear more and more about gut health. This episode is all about how to choose the correct probiotic for you. Even if you are not currently feeling symptoms, your gut flora can still be affected by things you didn’t even know you were doing. Discover the do’s and don’ts when it comes to gut health probiotics to start getting your immune system and overall health on track. more»
Discover the latest biohacks to decreasing neck and back pain! In today’s episode, we are going to discuss the most common causes of back and neck pain that you may not even be aware of. Dr. Jason Hamed and Dr. Bryan Joseph introduce the concept of non-surgical spinal decompression and how that has helped thousands of patients get well and stay well. more»
This is a round table discussion on vaccination question, thoughts, and concerns. At the end of the day, it is ultimately up to you whether you decide to vaccinate or not. Becoming informed about all aspects of vaccinations is the only way you can truly determine what is the best route for you and your family. In this episode, you will be introduced to ideas and research you can use to help make an informed decision. more»
Dr. Chris Zaino reveals how to reach your full potential and liberate the hero within you. It can start with conversations with others to gain outside perspectives which help us re-find that childlike wonder and curiosity and learn to strengthen our strengths and love our weaknesses. Enjoy! more»
Get the latest 411 on all the cutting edge research available on CBD, hemp oil and medical marijuana. In this hot topic episode, we are combining the knowledge and expertise of co-hosts Dr. Bryan Joseph and Dr. Jason Hamed with that of Dr. Olivia Joseph. They are ready to shed light and break the stigmas that are currently surrounding, CBD, hemp oil and marijuana! more»
It’s amazing – the small percentage of people who are comfortable in there on skin these days. There are very few people who would say they are living at their ideal weight. Whether the goal is to lose or gain weight. In this episode, you can discover how to build healthy muscle at any age. Either, gaining muscle and bulking up or losing weight and thinning down. more»
You have to make sure your body can hit the ball the way YOUR body was designed too. Everyone has their own swing, style, and goals out on the course. Dr. Jason Hamed is certified through the Titleist Performance Institute and will share in this episode how you can not only find YOUR IDEAL golf swing but identifying were the swing fault is that could be losing you distance and setting yourself up for injury. more»
How many times have you felt like you couldn’t get your brain fire at the level you wanted? Or a cloud of brain fog, leaving you to feel like you are unable to remember things as simple as peoples names. In this episode, we are going to go deep into the Aging Brain and how it can lead to brain fog or Alzheimer’s. Function Medicine Doctors, Dr. Olivia Joseph, and Dr. Anthony Pasek decode how you can start turning that ship around before it is too late. more»
Starting ‘the talk’ with your kids can be tough and may be something you want to avoid. This week, we interview Dr. Karyn Fowler on a unique approach called ‘Girlology” – a physician facilitate platform. The program offers a safe and comfortable environment for parents and their children to learn age-appropriate, medically accurate, engaging and cringe-free messages about growing up safe, healthy and informed, especially when it comes to puberty and emerging sexuality. more»
What if you could reconnect to the power you hold inside by taking six simple steps? Dr. Bryan Joseph interviews Dr. Fred Didomenico on his book H.E.A.L.E.D., a step by step guide to fulfillment that reveals the self-imposed illusions and limitations that thwart success. Discover how you are more powerful than you think! more»
Learn what tests are available today so you can discover genes about yourself that may make your experience in life better. Dr. Olivia Joseph expresses how MTHFR and Irregular hormones can wreak havoc in your body and how some gene mutations we are unaware of could be causing symptoms in your body and ultimately what you can do about it! more»
Become more aware of what to look for when it comes to additives and sugars found in food and goodies that your kids may be eating. Some of the behaviors and symptoms your children are exhibiting could be caused by what is going into their mouth. Dr. Bryan Joseph and Dr. Jason Hamed interview Pediatric and Prenatal Special Dr. Whitney Hamed on how you can begin to avoid these foods and boost your child’s immune system. more»
Everybody experiences holidays, vacations and birthdays and we all know navigating those events and days can be hard on our health. In this episode, Dr. Bryan Joseph and Dr. Jason Hamed will share simple tips and tricks that they have used for years to help keep themselves happy so they too can enjoy the cool moments in life. more»
Father’s Day is right around the corner and Dr. Bryan and Dr. Jason wanted to interview a special guy in our community – Bill Logan. He is the father of one of Dr. Jason’s good friends. Bill Logan is breaking the myth around getting old and starts to drop wisdom about how he stays fit at 77 years old. more»
For all those people wanting to lose weight, develop muscle and get in shape – this is an episode is for you! We are expanding on what it looks like to eat before and after a workout. Dr. Bryan Joseph interviews fitness expert Dr. Jason Hamed and nutrition expert Dr. Olivia Joseph to begin to share what you can do no matter what your age, health, and fitness goals are. more»
Becoming a husband or dad doesn’t come with an instruction manual… During this episode, Dr. Bryan Joseph and Dr. Jason Hamed interview podcast host Larry Hagner of The Dad Edge Podcast. These fellow husbands and dads share real-life experiences that have led them to the men they are today. more»
Discover the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities. A delayed response to food could be causing certain symptoms or issues in your body. Dr. Olivia Joseph and Dr. Whitney Hamed reveal why some people are more ‘sensitive’ to foods or the environment than others and if your genetics could be playing a part. more»
Without this vital ingredient, you would be dead! Oxygen is needed to sustain energy and live the healthiest life you can. Dr. Jason and Dr. Bryan share how you can make the most of this free ingredient and start to become more conscious of habits that limit the ability to fully oxygenate yourself. more»
If you have ever felt like your life is going way to fast and there is not enough time to fit everything in, then this is the episode for you! Today is a discussion centered on how you can set up a week to win and create space in your life to walk into your week feeling empowered! more»
Thanks to a raving fan we are going to expand on a concept of the gut and digestive disorders. With Dr. Olivia’s Joseph’s help you will discover simple ways to identify and create a solution to your gut issues! Anywhere from SIBO, gas, bloating, acid reflux and more! more»
Discover how you can have a successful pregnancy from start to finish. Dr. Whitney Hamed leads the conversation in this episode about how you can avoid potential complications and set the body up to have a healthy and wonderful pregnancy, labor and delivery. more»
Without a doubt, the number one symptom we hear in practice is fatigue. Dr. Anthony Pasek and Dr. Bryan Joseph reveal the top reasons you may be getting bad sleep. Get the latest scoop on what you can do to combat your sleep issues and boost your energy levels during the day! more»
Thyroid dysfunction is very prevalent in today’s society. After seeing thousands of patients with thyroid conditions Dr. Olivia Joseph started digging deep into the real root cause of thyroid and hormone imbalances. In this episode, Dr. Bryan and Olivia Joseph begin to unwind the complexity that surrounds the thyroid stigmas we see today and truly being to show you how you can start taking action steps to get the right testing and help you are seeking! more»
In the second part of this two-part series on anti-aging and bio-hacking, Dr. Bryan Joseph and Dr. Jason Hamed will reveal the final 5 things you can do to start slowing the process of aging and increase your quality of life with these simple biohacking tools. more»
Over the years we have learned people are always looking for ways to slow the progression of aging! In this two-part series, you will begin to uncover the tricks of the trade when it comes to looking and feeling younger. Dr. Bryan Joseph and Dr. Jason Hamed will begin this series by introducing the concept of biohacking tools and the first 5 you can start putting in your toolbox! more»
People either wake up ready to tackle the day or get tackled by their day. In this episode, you will be able to plan your day and start new habits that will put you in a state to handle all the stress that your day can throw at you. Start approaching your day feeling like you don’t have to push the snooze button 14 times every morning! more»
Do you find yourself taking vitamins that you may not know what they are for or even if they are good for you? Vitamins don’t need to be expensive to be quality. Discover why all vitamins have not been created equal and what to do about it. Dr. Bryan Joseph combines the knowledge of Dr. Olivia Joseph and Dr. Jason Hame to help you understand how to find the vitamins you need and clear up any vitamin confusion you may have! more»
Do’s and don’ts with first foods your newborn should have in their diet. Pediatric and Prenatal Specialist, Dr. Whitney Hamed, helps you discover what you can do to provide acid reflux relief and avoid colic many infants experience. Get ahead of the game by introducing these specific foods into your babies day to day foods. more»
Chronic inflammation is why so many chronic diseases are on the rise in today’s society. Discover why we live in a country that is so full to inflammation and the driving force behind that. Chronic diseases are on the rise along with infections. Learn what you body is telling you and what you can do to stop living in inflammation nation. more»
Dr. Bryan and Dr. Jason Hamed share tips on how you can ultimately stay fit while you are sitting. So many people in our society these days, spend countless house sitting in meetings, at desk, at cubicles for work. Discover ways to start reversing and stopping the negatives effects of sitting during your day to day routine! more»
We tackle the subject of gluten, being gluten free and how it plays a factor in a lot of Americans health today. Discover why gluten is not the same as it was 100 years ago. Dr. Olivia Joseph shares why you may need to be concerned about the link of gluten and chronic disease. more»
We shed light on common misunderstandings about chiropractic care. After 15 years in the field, Dr. Bryan and Dr. Jason separate Chiropractic facts from fiction. more»
Reversing diabetes is dependent on the type. Meet Dr. Anthony Pasek, expert in reversing type 2 diabetes. We learn how functional medicine can play a role in determining the root cause of your blood sugar issues. more»
Differences between Ketogenic Diet and other trendy diets out there today. Discover how you can determine if the Ketogenic Diet is for you and solutions this lifestyle could provide for you. more»
Uncover the secrets to becoming a fat burning machine! Dr. Bryan Joseph and Dr. Jason Hamed help you to discover how you can lose weight and keep it off. We debunk a common myth that you were ‘dealt’ certain genes that keep you from losing the weight. more»
Dr. Whitney offers 5 key tips for raising healthy kids, and how we can easily identify hidden stressors that could be affecting our children and their immune systems. more»
Dr. Olivia Joseph shares her personal experience with using food as fuel when she was sick and how it ultimately took her down a journey to become a Clinical Nutritionist. Food can work against you or it can work for you. Discover three basic things you must do for proper nutrition health and balance. more»
In this episode, Dr. Bryan and Dr. Jason tackle the concept of “Motion is Life” and how to start being the healthiest version of yourself. more»
In this opening episode of the Wellness Connection Podcast, Dr. Bryan Joseph and Dr. Jason Hamed discuss their own journey to wellness. Learn what got them started on their way of becoming the optimal health experts they are today. more»



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