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Boost your Immune System in the Fall with these Supplements

Kristy from The Wellness Connection | Immune System Supplement Video

Supplementation helps with allergies

Hello everyone. This is Kristy, the clinical nutritionist at the Wellness Connection. Here at the Wellness Connection, we will be promoting a particular supplement for that month. As we’re going into the month of October, it is that time of year where people are sick more often. The reason for that can just be everyone’s getting used to being back on a schedule again and with the kids being back at school so they’re sharing more germs. We may not be getting as much sleep, which affects our immune system.

Vitamin D Plays a Part

Simply put, we’re not getting as much sunlight either, which is vitamin D. We always are out in the sunlight during the summer months, so we have enough vitamin D during that time of the year, which is why we are not as sick as often. How can we implement something on a daily basis to enhance our immune system so we don’t get sick? Or, if we do get sick, how can we help decrease the time that we are sick for?

Respiratory Health and Sinuses

The first supplement I want to talk to you about today is what we call Sinuplex. This particular formula is great for your respiratory health system, hence the name Sinuplex, good for your sinuses. This particular formula has vitamin C in it. It has stinging nettle root in it, and it also contains bromelain. Bromelain comes from pineapple, so if you do have a pineapple allergy, do not take this supplement, but there’s another supplement that can also be great for boosting your immune system.

Sinuplex is available in our office or in our online store.

Boost for your overall Immune System

That will be the second supplement that we are promoting this month, which is called ImmuCore. This is great for your overall immune system, health, and functioning. This particular formula has a high potency of vitamin C in it. It has your vitamin D that we usually get from the sunlight. It has zinc in it, and it also contains mushroom extract. Now some of you might be thinking, well, what do mushrooms do for our immune system? Believe it or not, it does quite a bit. It’s very beneficial for our immune system. It actually increases the potency of your immune cells, which the higher potency of your immune cells, it prevents them from being attacked, so preventing you from getting sick.

Immucore is available in our office or our online store.

Colloidal Silver and Germs

The third and final supplement that we will be promoting this month is what we call colloidal silver or just silver in general. This is a liquid extract that contains not only silver but has water in it. This is great for your immune system. Colloidal silver has been done on multiple studies, has been found to kill bacteria and viruses. It’s actually been done on studies with people who have cancer, or HIV, and AIDS, and other types of ailments as well. This is great to have in your pantry, not only for killing germs in general but just for your overall immune system health.

Colloidal Silver is available in our office.

Stay Healthy!

Those are the three supplements that we are promoting this month that are great for anybody of all ages. As long as you keep in mind with the Sinuplex, with the bromelain and the pineapple allergies. But, these are great. I use these in my household. I also tell my friends about them. I’ve seen much success with these supplements, so let’s boost our immune systems. Let’s stay healthy this time of year, and I will talk to you all soon.

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