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Why is Keeping a Diabetic Log so Important?

senior couple on couchBeing diabetic does come with more responsibility and keeping a diabetic log is a big part of living with diabetes. This includes making sure that you are being cautious about your food choices, getting active and taking your medication when appropriate. One major responsibility is checking your glucose levels daily. Monitoring glucose may seem tedious or unnecessary, but it could help improve your health and possibly save your life. This is where keeping a diabetic log becomes into play.

Monitoring Sugar Levels

Those living with diabetes are going to be made aware that there is something wrong with their sugar levels based on their symptoms. They will experience hyperglycemia, when glucose levels are too high. When glucose levels are too low, they experience the direct opposite: hypoglycemia.`1

Hyperglycemia can cause damage to organs, which can progress to other consequential complications of diabetes, including a stroke or heart attack, kidney problems leading to dialysis, eye problems, which could lead to the loss of one’s vision, erectile dysfunction and problems with blood flow, circulation and scarring, which can lead to amputation.

Given all of these complications, it is clear to see why getting control of your blood glucose is very important. Having a diabetic log can help keep a record of not only your glucose readings but help keep you on track to minimize the affects of having high blood glucose.

Benefits of Keeping a Diabetic Log

Besides seeing what your blood glucose levels are at, keeping a diabetic log can help in a variety of ways. A diabetic log can help you make changes to your diet, increase weight loss, being more active and medication dosage.

Seeing what foods, you consume that cause a rise in your glucose levels is significant, so you can modify your diet and start incorporating what foods do not cause a problem with your glucose levels. Eating healthier and being more active, will ultimately help with weight loss and keep track of your weight.

Research has shown that being more active and exercising can improve glucose levels dramatically. Science has proven that exercising assists your body in utilizing insulin, which can lower your blood glucose levels for even 12 hours after you have exercised. This is friendly reminder to make sure you get that daily workout in! In regard to medication, a diabetic log can be useful as you will have a better understanding of when your medication should be taken and to avoid taking too much.

Latest Glucose Meters

Checking your blood glucose daily and multiple times throughout the day is essential as a diabetic. Having a glucose meter indicates if your levels are too low or too high, which is extremely valuable so you can take the proper precautions in getting it back into a normal level.

Now the traditional route of checking blood glucose is pricking your finger, as many diabetics complain about the pain and calluses that appear after multiple glucose checks. With the increasing advancements in technology, there are new glucose meters that do not involve any pricking.

One that is recently new to the market, is Dexcom G5. This meter requires a small sensor to be inserted beneath the skin and measures blood glucose levels every five minutes. What’s very millennial about this meter is that is savvy as it can transfer information to your smart device, and you are able to share your data with others. When meeting with your healthcare provider, this can be helpful as they will be able to see a chart and trend of your glucose readings over a period, which will help them be able to help you manage your diabetes more effectively.

Another meter that is similar, is the FreeStyle Libre. Like the Dexcom G5, there is a sensor involved. The sensor is worn on the back of the arm for up to 14 days at a time. In addition to the sensor, it comes with a handheld scanner that provides a reading every minute. All of these glucose meters can be purchased at your local drug store or online with the assistance of your healthcare provider.

When purchasing a glucose reader, you will want to make sure that you find one that will work for the convenience of your schedule, making your life easier. Always ask questions of either the pharmacist or your healthcare practitioner on how to properly use the glucose meter. Many of the glucose meter manufacturers do have a 24/7 support team that can help with any questions that you may have regarding their products.

Lastly, join a group of others who have diabetes. There are many local groups who are there to support one another and it is great opportunity to meet new people and get a new prospective on how to manage your diabetes. Incorporating all of these into your daily life will help you in keeping a diabetic log and stay committed in getting control of your blood sugar and having a better quality of life.

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