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Human Coronavirus & The Immune System: "1 in 2 Infected...What Can We Do?

Happy adult woman yoga classLet’s talk about the immune system. If you watch certain media outlets FEAR is being stoked and estimates about how bad this might get are skyrocketing. However, based on one projection 160 to 214 Million Americans could be infected by human coronavirus, and 200,000 to 1.7 million could die. We think this is a worst-case scenario and doesn’t represent a likely scenario.

Here’s what our Medical Experts are not telling you about Human Coronavirus…

Most importantly, we think it’s prudent to prepare for the worst, and at the same time be HOPEFUL for the best.

Yes – wash your hands and practice social distancing.

No one is talking about the obvious.

It’s the soil (Your Immune System) – NOT the seed (COVID-19 or human coronavirus). In other words, right now, the health of your immune system is PARAMOUNT. While it may be true that many of you are in a high risk group, we don’t have a fatalistic outlook. We encourage you to be proactive in supporting and building-up your immune system.

Here are some tips to Boost your Immune System ASAP:

  • Stay away from refined sugars
  • Limit your “starchy carb” intake to any extent you can
  • Eat good fats and stay away from unhealthy fats
  • Stay hydrated and drink water only
  • Get good sleep
  • Reduce Stress
  • Chiropractic Adjustments to your Nervous System
  • Don’t binge watch/listen to media
  • Get mild to moderated exercise
  • Pray/Meditate

Building Blocks to a Better Immune System Response

Finally – provide your body and immune system with the building blocks it needs to mount an adequate response.

In the meantime, We put together a research-based nutritional protocol that is designed to support your body’s response to viruses.

This is the protocol my family is on, as well as many other Functional Medicine docs and their patients.

This research-based protocol is a 4-part Immune Supportive & Anti-Viral Strategy

It’s designed to:

  1. Inhibit viral acquisition
  2. Inhibit viral replication
  3. Cell system support
  4. Immuno-modulation

If you would like to put yourself and your family on this immune supportive and anti-viral protocol we’ve made it easy for you by creating these bundles that can be used on any virus.

(Unfortunately, due to the current demand, supplies are limited and several items are already sold out! Check back regularly if it’s not available.)

Just click on the one you want below…

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P.P.S. Now is the time to double-down on your resolve to improve and reverse your chronic health condition. In times of stress it’s common for us to turn away from productive health practices. Now is not the time for this. You can do this – Stay Focused!

Our team of doctors is ready to assist you! Contact us at The Wellness Connection for more information!

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