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Your Journey To Health - How To Start The New Year Right

woman preparing for morning runWelcome to 2020, a new year and the most popular time of year for many people to begin their New Year’s resolutions. For most, the top leading resolution is their own journey to health. People want to lose weight, start eating healthy and get to looking and feeling better about themselves. For others their journey to health is something that they know they need to accomplish as their health is deteriorating due to disease or illness. Unfortunately, like a candle, perseverance burns out and the journey to health discontinues.

The question remains, what occurs during the process? What can you do differently to keep the flame burning throughout your own journey to health?

Through The Eyes Of A Healthcare Practitioner

Through the eyes of a healthcare practitioner, it is always enlightening to see someone excited to start their journey to health. It is even better when they start to see results. With each consultation and laboratory test we review, there is something new to implement into the daily routine that gets someone closer to their health goal. And their confidence is amplified knowing that they have made the right decision. But just like life, there are going to be bumps in the road and hills to climb. It is during these times that we find the most challenges. We must determine if we continue to jump over the bumps and climb the mountains or cease our journey to health.

Creating Time For Your Journey To Health

The bumps in the road and the climbs to mountain tops come and go. Their job is to test your perseverance and determining how much does the journey to health mean. Some of these blocks in the journey are the result of finances, work, family and friends, which all lead to stress. Stress is something that is completely normal, but if it consumes too much of our lives this is when motivation begins to decline and the journey to health becomes something of the past. Creating a balance between all the different titles that we have and being able to work on ourselves is something that should take importance. If we do not make time to work on ourselves, how can we be truly present and effective for others.

Finding Your Whys

As a healthcare practitioner, it is important to ask our clients what their main health goals are, and more importantly their “whys” of wanting to improve their health. These “whys” can range from wanting to live longer, being there to walk your daughter down the aisle, seeing your grandchildren grow up, to not be in pain anymore, be there for the ones that you care about and not missing out on life’s most beautiful moments.

Remembering our “whys” of starting the journey to health is so very vital when the challenges come. They are the daily reminders to not give up and continue the journey to health.

Besides the importance of the “whys” of wanting to start the journey to health, having a support system is key. When there is someone in your life that you can turn to, knowing that they will support you each step of the way is essential. This can be a spouse, significant other, parent, child or friend. These are the cheerleaders in our lives, they want us to succeed on our journey to health and are there rooting us on when the challenges arise. But even as practitioners it is pivotal to clearly communicate with your clients and vice versa. Keeping your client motivated and providing them the necessary resources for them to learn will help them to accomplish the goals of their journey to health.

Your Journey To Health Is A Matter Of Mindset

Having a good mindset is one of the major contributors to fulfilling your journey to health. One of the many problems is we have been imbedded with this perception that we have to be perfect and the one time that we make a mistake or fail, or we think that we are not good enough to keep going, we stop. As a result, we don’t achieve our goals and they become a distant memory.

What would happen if every time we made a mistake we never tried again? Remember learning a language and having to write and say words repeatedly? Through this repetition we learned to pronounce and spell correctly to earn our passing grade. And after all our studying and hard work, we learned a lesson about ourselves. We continued to push ourselves to practice more frequently and create new studying tools to pass the test with more ease next time.

This is the same idea of wanting to achieve a goal. We must look at the journey of health, and the obstacles throughout the journey, as an opportunity to grow as individuals. Failure is one of the greatest learning lessons. We will make mistakes, we are human after all, but we must remind ourselves of the outcome.

Obstacles do not block your path to health, they are the path.”

So in this new year, create a new mindset, communicate with others, share your comments and concerns. But most importantly, believe in yourself. Incorporate these techniques into you daily routine, and nothing will stop you on your journey to health. Time waits for no one, time to get started!

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