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We Are One Body - Connection and Unity [E064]

happy woman with arms outWe are one body – we are connected. With so much confusion and disarray in our current world, our culture and the world right now sees every person as different and separate. When did we become judgmental? We wanted to bring an episode full of truth and love.

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One Body: World Youth Day 1995

Dr. Brian Joseph: I’ve got a heartfelt message that I want to share with everybody today. Just in the landscape of what’s happening in the world, there are a lot of moving parts that have created so much confusion and disarray, doubt and division and I just wanted to spend a few minutes with you to potentially redirect all of our thought processes and our hearts to really our true North. And our true North, I mean right now, like it’s amazing to me when I say this, in today’s world we’ve got a pandemic that’s out there with coronavirus. We’ve got racial inequality that is leading to protests. We’ve got political uneasiness. We have a culture or a world right now that sees every person as different. As its own.

I’m almost a bit speechless because it makes me think like when did we become so judgmental that we began to think of everything in this world as a separate, separate thing. I remember many, many, many, many years ago, I had the pleasure of going to see Pope John Paul the second at World Youth Day, when he came to America in Denver, Colorado. This was probably 1993, 94, somewhere in there, maybe 95. And I can remember like it’s yesterday even though it’s been 25 years or whatever it’s been, I could remember being in Mile High stadium, looking around and seeing segments of people and kids that were coming from all over the world. You had a whole crew from Mexico. You had kids from all over the world that filled up certain sections of the stadium.

A message of unity from the pope

And I remember when he was speaking, he had a message of unity, a message of uniting all of us at a layer that was much deeper than what our eyes are able to see. The theme song for that particular World Youth Day was we are one body. That is anchored into me so deep at this point in my life that I think that it’s very important for us to share and have a conversation around that topic. Is when did we become separate bodies?

The same way like when we look at our own physical body and you start to say, “Okay my arm and my leg and my knee is not connected to my chest or my shoulders or my hips.” It’s said old song of the hip bones connected to the knee bone. Everything is united and connected. We are one body physically, but now let’s extrapolate this.

When we look at another human being and we might have slightly different colored skin. Maybe we were educated differently, grew up with a different faith or religion. Our neighborhood was different than their neighborhood. Maybe our food choices are different than our food choices, or their interests and their hobbies are different than our interests or hobbies. But when you strip all those identities and labels away and you go deeper, deeper into the actual soul of an individual, how are we any different? Aren’t we all just one body, one energy connected to one, one source. I mean, think about it.

Aren’t We All a Part Of One World?

This is a year where we have elections coming up and it’s amazing to think of how different we hear the conversations around Republicans and Democrats and all the tribes that follow each of them. And I’m not actually here advocating either party, but I’m just saying, aren’t we all a part of one country? Aren’t we all a part of one world?

Aren’t we all in this game together to try to lift each other up? Don’t we look at other people as our siblings, as our brothers and our sisters? Or are we really that judgmental where we are all that different and we think of ourselves as a unique snowflake that we do not fit in and if the world doesn’t see it exactly through the lens that I see it, then there’s no way they could be right. I just think it’s important every once in a while to maybe close your eyes and self-reflect, and maybe shut down the actual lens that your eyes is seeing everything through.

So you can center yourself and go back into your heart space and no longer see colors with your eyes. No longer see stimulus on the news or inputs on YouTube or Twitter or TikTok or wherever you’re feeding yourself with this information or these prejudices. Close your eyes, close your ears, open your heart, and realize that the individual and the people around you are the exact same fundamental energy and source as you. We all come from the exact same spot inside and eventually we’re all going to return back to a similar spot. I don’t know how you’re feeling nowadays.

The Soul Is In Your Spirit

I know there’s a lot of people that come into the office with questions, concerns, confusion, doubt, and a lot of it is driven by fear and it’s fear of am I going to get harmed by this disease? Is this pandemic, is this coronavirus going to get me? It’s fear of saying, can I go out into my neighborhood in the evening? Or is there a potential that protest or riots will come my way and harm me? There’s fear of saying, am I allowed to travel and experience life? Or will I be judged for what I do because it’s not what everybody else wants me to do. There’s fear for going to a church to worship and to pray. There’s fears of going to a school for the wonder of whether or not somebody is going to come in with a bomb or a gun.

All of these things that are happening around us right now are really just a big reflection of what we’ve chosen to allow into our brains. And I hate to say it that way, but our brains, our bodies in so many ways, once you get past the soul, because the soul is in your spirit, it’s who you are. It’s at your heart center. After you go, after you get one layer out from the soul, you go into your nervous system, the neurologic system, the brain. And the brain over a matter of time becomes patterned. It becomes patterned by the stimulus’s and the inputs that you allow into your brain. It’s really one body.

The paradigm

Dr. Brian Joseph: So if you are constantly allowing podcasts or books or messengers to input your brain and to infiltrate your brain that are talking about how everybody is doing things wrong, then eventually your brain is going to become patterned in that same way, where you believe that everybody’s doing something wrong. Your environment, which is made up of the inputs that you put into your brain on a regular basis will shape unfortunately, if it’s not done right, it’ll shape your thinking, which can then shape your view on how you see the world.

I remember Stephen Covey in his book, when he talks about Seven Habits From Highly Effective People, he had referenced this thing called the paradigm. And the paradigm was, he used a great example and there’s a group of people in the workshop that he was running when he used his example. And imagine this for a second. If you’re on the other end of this microphone, and I simply tell you to close your eyes and think of a dog, and that’s all I tell you.

Some of you are going to be thinking of a big dog or a small dog. Others are going to think of a hairy dog, some of you are going to think of a poodle style dog. Some of you are going to think of like a Rottweiler and some of you are going to think of a small little boxer or a small little, like I said, a little poodle. When I said to think of the word dog, the image and the perspective, and the paradigm that that went into your mind was not wrong.

Do I Really See The World As One Body?

But guess what? I can guarantee very few of us thought of the exact same dog. Same style, same color, same breed. And because we thought of something different, does that make our definition of a dog wrong? Think about that. And that’s exactly how other things are looked at too. Your perspective of what you think the world should be doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily right. I ask that everybody hear this message today and I rarely do these type of messages on this podcast. I ask that you hear this and you ask yourself the question of, do I really see the world as one body?

No, there’s a statement from… There’s a kids cartoon, I think it’s called Epic that I watched many, many years ago and there was an animation scene where there’s a tree and the tree had a bunch of different leaves. And at nighttime, the leaves would become animated and they became their own personalities and they almost started like a little fight with one another. There was a scene where the leaves looked at each other and came to this conclusion that said, “Look, we are many leaves, but we’re all from the same tree.”

And when you realize that the tree is rooted in the same earth and that we are all one body from one source as I’m saying, then you realize that when you look into another human being’s eyes with love and allow your spirit to expand and be shared with theirs, as opposed to filtering the judgment that they are different than yours, we can all move this world into a better place.

You are not meant to…

I think this is vital when it comes to your health. Because when we see division, we see fear. And when we see fear, our bodies begin to break down. It releases negative hormones that begin to break you down.

You are not meant to live in a state of fear and parallelization. You aren’t meant to be vibrating at a spot that says I am in doubt at all times. When we’re in that spot, we paralyze ourself and this is when disease creeps in. This is when mixed emotions start showing up. Mixed emotions then lead to actually break down and disease in our bodies. And we do it to ourselves.

We do it to ourselves by letting the stimulus and the inputs come into our brain that are patterning us for destruction. How about we choose to actually shift our perspective by shifting what we allow into our brains? What if we shut down some of the media sources that are coming into our brain on a regular basis?

How about we look at a human being and we actually just say to ourselves, when we see somebody that looks or might appear different and our bodies and our minds wants to actually tighten up and actually think judgmental thoughts and say, “They’re different and they’re wrong.” How about we shift that instantly and say, “Hey, I love that person. And I’m grateful that there’s another human being in this world with me to walk on this journey.” We have that capability. God gave us a gift.

It’s Time To Stop

It is time to stop. We owe ourselves the gift of developing our consciousness into one body, one spirit, one soul, because I’ll tell you what, I’ve got a baby. My wife and I had a baby about 11 months ago and this is the reminder that I see every day and this is where a lot of this context of this message comes from. She’s almost one year old and I’ve watched over and over the innocence that’s in her eyes.

She has no idea of what’s happening in the world. She’s clueless on the idea that there’s a pandemic. She has no idea that there’s anything called prejudice, that there’s political indiscrepancies. She has no idea what happens in Europe or Russia or what happens in Africa. She’s so innocent.

Her innocence will only be broken by the stimulus that she gets exposed to. And we try to protect her, but just like anybody else, like when a bird leaves the nest and they go out to the wild, there are going to be threats that come at you. She will have threats and her brain will be patterned. And I could only, only really pray that her patterns stay as innocent and as healthy as they are now because all of us have that opportunity as time goes on to allow our bodies and our spirits to come back to that magical sense of innocence. And whenever we feel that we’ve gotten too far away from it, I ask you to just step out into nature and actually experience the beauty of innocence that’s all around you in the birds chirping.

Closing Thoughts on One Body

There are episodes of innocence all around us if we choose to slow down, eliminate the stimulus’s and realize that we are all one body. I hope this message lands on you in a way that you benefit from it. I just felt like it was time to share something that I’ve been reflecting on so frequently and I just don’t think that it’s the right move for all of us to just hide in our corners and think thoughts and accept what’s happening and just accept it versus speaking up and taking some effort or some action to try to move things in a world that need to be moved in a better direction.

Thank you for allowing me to speak with you. You’ll find this episode here listed as episode 64. I really really ask you to help us, if you resonated with any bit of this message, by sharing this with other people that you think, it’s a short 15 minutes. This may have landed on somebody that might change your thinking from a radical thought process to saying there is love out there and we are one body.

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