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How Spiritual Healing Can Lead to Emotional Wellness [E030]

closeup of hand on heartWhat if you could reconnect to the power you hold inside by taking six simple steps? Dr. Bryan Joseph interviews Dr. Fred Didomenico on spiritual healing, and his book H.E.A.L.E.D., a step by step guide to fulfillment that reveals the self-imposed illusions and limitations that thwart success. Discover how you are more powerful than you think!

Table Of Contents

An Introduction to Spiritual Healing

Dr. Bryan: All right, everybody. Welcome to the wellness connections show. It is great to be back on air with everybody. As always. I’m your host, Dr. Bryan Joseph, and I’m really, really excited to have today’s interview. For the last probably 10, 15 years I have landed in the same spots times as the guy I’m going to be interviewing today. First as a student of his and then eventually become a friend of his. He’s been a mentor in many, many ways, so I’m real excited to introduce Dr. Fred Didomenico today. Welcome Fred. How are you?

Dr. Fred: Hey, thank you. Thanks Bryan. You know, it’s funny when you say 10 to 15 years, like God, what is it, 10 or 15 I don’t know. It’s probably closer to 15 but time flies and it’s been so great to see in our seminars and how you’ve grown to become a great leader. It’s humbling and very honored that we can get together like this.

Dr. Bryan: Much appreciated. And I think that the feeling’s mutual, you know, that every time we run into each other it’s kind of fun to reconnect and see where this journey has taken us. And I love, love, love, love what I’m seeing in regards to where your journey has been developing and taking you and I, you know, the reason we set this podcast up in the first place was just to help more people get well and stay well. And there’s so many facets that show up and you know this in regards to, was it physical health, spiritual healing, emotional health, financial health, nutritional health.

Dr. Fred Didomenico’s Backstory

Dr. Bryan: And I’ve seen you work on developing and mastering so many different arenas of health and healing and what you’re working on now I thought would be so valuable, for you to share what inspired you to get into the level of, of spiritual healing that I see you doing now. So if you could share a little bit about the path you’ve been on and then we’ll go from there.

Dr. Fred: My first memory was coming out of darkness into light. Yeah, I’m just kidding. No, you know, being raised, you know, it’s a little tiny Catholic family. I mean we were raised in religion, but we always had a spiritual healing, right? So I always knew from a young age that we’re really a spirit, having a human experience, although you don’t become conscious of that.

Dr. Fred: And we go through our life and we have all these, we grew up with all these impressions and we go through pain and we go through all these things. But I always knew that there was a purpose, that we were all here. It was more of a subconscious knowing or an intuition rather than a fact. And then, you know, we’re chiropractors. So when we became a chiropractor, people always say, “Man, you’re so lucky.” Would say, “You’re so lucky. You know your purpose, because you’re always happy and, and you know, you’re always positive because …”

His wife’s passing and how it impacted his life

Dr. Fred: And studies show people that are living their purpose, they do things different. They’re more inspired, they’re actually healthier, their energy is better. They don’t have diseases like other people. I always felt sad. There was always a bit of compassion or maybe empathy for people that didn’t have their purpose. And then later, as you know, as I started coaching, as you as you know, I had a wife that developed cancer and two weeks before she died, she sat in the bathtub and said, “I don’t know if I have done what I was supposed to do in this life.”

Dr. Bryan: You just gave me goosebumps.

Dr. Fred: I totally remember sitting there and saying to myself, number one, I’m grateful that I do. And obviously she was my wife about to die. So to say that there was an empathy is about one 1 millionth of this feeling that I felt, and I literally said to myself, which gets me all choked up, that I don’t ever want anybody in my life to say that again. And so, five years later, it really just fell on me. You know, I was thinking of a six step acronym for Chiropractic, developed a rehab system.

H-E-A-L-E-D System

Dr. Fred: I was going to trademark and the acronym HEALED, it fell in my lap. And as soon as I thought HEALED, I said, that’s not chiropractic. That’s a spiritual, that’s a spiritual healing process for people to find their soul. S-O-U-L. It’s about soul purpose. And then all of a sudden I started having these visions of what it was supposed to be and I just sat down, I started writing a book. The book is called You Are More Powerful Than You Think. It introduces the six step system about owning your own power, getting through your past, finding and living your soul purpose, the reason why you’re here in this life.

Dr. Bryan: So I’m really hoping that we can spend a little time breaking that apart a little bit because I’ve heard you speak on that a bit and I think it’s really cool.You would probably agree, but so many people are on that journey trying to figure out why they exist and what’s their purpose of existence and-

Dr. Fred: Well, I just did Tuesday Morning Transformation. TMT is right in this morning. I did. What’s false about self improvement. And that’s really, that’s really the whole premise is where we’re here as a spiritual healing in human form. To fulfill a purpose and really contribute to the lives of others.

Dr. Fred: And what I found is, there’s people, I read this book and I did this and they can speak the language and they can cite the songs and they can cite, you know, the books in the Bible and they do this and then you look at their life and then you realize the knowledge is nothing. It’s what do we experience? What are you applying? What’s your experience?

Honor God Within Yourself

Dr. Fred: There’s something else. There’s something they’re not telling us. And so we become, you know, I can go on that for awhile. So honor God within yourself and understanding that God isn’t outside of us. He’s not a man with a beard that we pray to somewhere. God is that that eternal energy, life force energy, that we are spiritual healing comes into this body. And then our spirit exits the body. The law of energy means energy cannot be destroyed.

Dr. Fred: It can only be transformed or transferred. So we’re transformed in this body and then it’s transferred out of the body. And this is just a breath in time, but we’re here for a reason. So when we honor that, then we get above the fact that we’re created imperfect. The perfect, and I just did this on the TMT, it’s called what’s false about self improvement. It’s like, okay, so God can create the whole universe. He can keep all the planets in alignment. He can create nature, bird feed themselves, all of nature and animals work together such perfection. Yet we’re the only thing he created imperfect. Why is that?

Exercising Loving Yourself And Others

Dr. Fred: But we’re ruler over everything, but we’re imperfect. Like that doesn’t make sense. So anyway, that’s it. There’s a brief introduction to honor God within yourself. But once you get that, then step two is exercising loving yourself and others. And then the first chapter, you know, when I started these chapters, I had no idea, was that what I was going to write? It took me nine years to write six steps. This next step took me eight months because the first sentence I wrote was, “If I was going to ask you, do you love yourself? What would you say?”

Dr. Fred: And 20 years ago I would said, man, I love myself. I think I’m the coolest guy ever. Of course ego driven. And then that and then the next sentence that I did not write, it came through me. I did not write this book. It said, “What if I asked you, do you love yourself like God loves you?” I wrote that sentence. I went, holy crap, what is that about? And I said I, the next thing I to myself was I have no idea how to write this chapter. It’s like God, you have to work through me.

Dr. Fred: And it took me almost a year to do that. And love is number one, we’re created for love. But if you don’t exercise it, if you don’t give it, you don’t experience it. And so it’s really how giving and receiving, you don’t give and then you receive. Giving and receiving are simultaneous. Because it says in the Bible, if we judge, we will be judged.

Accepting Forgiveness For Yourself and Others

Dr. Fred: Then A is accepting forgiveness for yourself and others. Now you can release your past. Now it shows you how to view yourself as a spiritual healing on a human journey and that everything in your life has a reason. And many times our sole purpose why we’re here comes from our greatest pain, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers because her daughter was killed by a drunk driver,Barbara Loe Fisher, a kid got a DP, a DVD, vax or TPV, right?

Dr. Fred: So it goes on and on and on. You know, a woman that could have been raped now has a center for abused women or whatever. But the thing is, rather than when we find the gift in our pain, then we get to release the pain. So it’s looking, it gives you the ability of how to look back on your life and find the gifts and that show you that every pain either gives you courage, skill, or faith.

Dr. Bryan: I love that, man. And I think when you were practicing chiropractic years and years ago, and what we see too is so many people that don’t accept it get stuck, right? There’s that, you know, subluxation if you will, or the lack of movement in the body. So that’s a huge one.

Dr. Fred: Yeah. Energy gets stuck and you may think in your mind you’ve forgiven, but how do you know if you haven’t released the energy? Because we’re emotional beings, Did you ever get an experience where memory will pop up to your mind? And then you go, Oh shit, I wish I went and done that. You know, and you have an emotion.

A book to experience

Dr. Bryan: In your book, Dr. Fred, I’m assuming you go deeper on each one of these to the point where if someone picks up your book, they’re going to actually get an explanation and how they can actually walk themselves through it and to a certain extent.

Dr. Fred: Yeah, this isn’t a book you read, this is a book you experience. It gives you action steps. It’s really like a life coaching book.

Dr. Bryan: Awesome.

Dr. Fred: You know we have an online system that’s almost done. We’re going to create that too. And so then once you clear your passion, get rid of all that emotional noise. Then L is living in now coming into presence. You know, we in our humanity, we have clock time, past, present, future. And spiritual healing, time is vertical.

Dr. Fred: There’s only this moment, the past P-A-S-T has passed, P-A-S-S-E-D. The future doesn’t exist. So a second and I was already gone a second from now. It doesn’t exist. So in that moment of presence is your connection to God, is your connection to love is connection to joy. It’s your connection to peace. So we actually teach you how to get into present time, moments, vertical time. How to condition that joy and love and peace, that true inner peace in your body and then when you’re not in that state, how to get back to that state. So you really, you’re learning how to master yourself.

Dr. Fred: It is a skill set that needs to be repeated a lot. Because, what we’re going to do is we’re in human form, right? We always go back to our humanity. I mean even even the highest of evolved people still have their moments.

Your Mind Is A Tool

Dr. Bryan: You know, I heard you speak on something where you were sharing the system and you said something that I don’t think a lot of people really recognize that we think we are our thoughts or we think we are our brain, but really this is just a tool, And do you remember speaking on that?

Dr. Fred: Yeah, we talked about that. Your mind is a tool. So your mind loves certainty. Its basic instinct is survival. So it likes what’s known. So what it does is when you have experiences that are known and when they’re associated with emotion, it files in your subconscious mind. Why? Because our conscious mind can’t keep everything in our thoughts constantly.

Dr. Fred: We’d go on saying, those are skid sporanox and so what it does, it files in your subconscious mind because your mind is really a deletion mechanism. Once you know something, files it, deletes it. So your subconscious mind is like a tape recorder or a filing cabinet in your garage. So once you like, shoot man, I’ve seen this before, then you go out to your filing cabinet, pull it out. Oh, here’s how I’m supposed to react. Because your mind loves certainty because it wants to survive.

Dr. Fred: So then what we ended up doing is creating our past and our present. And because we only know our past, we project that into the future. So it’s kind of like when you see it as a tool, it’s like using a screwdriver. If you use a screwdriver and you’re screwing in the screw, what do you do with a screwdriver when you’re done screwing, unscrewing? You’re done. You set it down, You’re not, you don’t identify it. You don’t say, I am the screwdriver.

You are not your mind

Dr. Fred: But the bottom line is you’re not your mind. Your mind has a purpose. It’s a strategic tool. It solves problems. So if it has to solve problems, but you don’t have any problems, what’s your mind going to do?

Dr. Bryan: Create a problem.

Dr. Fred: Exactly. So you ever knows like, God, I’m really happy. And then what’s that voice in your head do? Why am I so happy?

Dr. Fred: I can have problems right now in your mind because it needs something to solve. Does that solve anything? When you’re happy? So then you’ll look in a perfectly good relationship and you’ll create a problem.

Dr. Bryan: Crazy. But I love that concept. I love how we, once we separate and realize that that’s just a tool for survival purposes for the most part, just to keep you safe.

Dr. Fred: Yeah. And now we’re also supposed to have the thoughts of God. So our spiritual healing can influence our brain to have higher consciousness thoughts and we can actually rewire and now they’re learning Bruce Lipton and all these guys, you know, you know, neuroplasticity, our brain is alive continually wiring. We can rewire our brain for a higher consciousness by using our belief systems, our physiology and habituation. So it’s like when you’re learning how to drive, when you’re first driving, especially a stick, you know, you’re very conscious. You’re developing skill, but then pretty soon it’s second nature. You don’t even think about it.

Dr. Fred: And so because now you know how to do, it becomes unconscious. While it’s habituation, you can rewire your brain through habituation and we go through that and you’re more powerful then you think with affirmations and all these other things.

Live In The Now

Dr. Bryan: So you’ve got us through H E A L. We’re on L, so what do we got next?

Dr. Fred: Yeah. So once you quiet the noise and you can get into vertical time moments. You know God is in the silence. My mother, Teresa, God is in the silence, not in the noise. Right? So God is the space between the notes and the music, right? He’s in the silence. So once we can get it in silence, that’s why meditation, I go over that is such a powerful tool to be able to quiet the noise in your mind and body. So you’re innate and your God connection can come through.

Establishing Your Purpose And Mission

Dr. Fred: Then the second E is establish your purpose and mission. Now when you pay attention to your life and you can reframe that and see how it’s leading you in a specific direction, then you can establish, wow, this is my purpose. And once you, now that the irony is people say, find out what you’re passionate about and make money at it. Well, I’m passionate about skiing, but my sole purpose isn’t to be a skier.

Dr. Fred: A lot of times when your purpose is your greatest pain, your passion comes from your purpose because there’s a problem in the world that you want to solve in your story, your hero story. How you made it through your challenge. And to be able to articulate that story in a way that compels the lives of other people becomes your purpose. So if your purpose can come from your greatest pain, your passion comes from contributing to the lives of others.

Dr. Fred: But it isn’t always feel good. You know, when you look at one of the things when this thing grows, I’m going to, I want to contribute to sex slave. You know the girls that are kidnapped, taken to foreign countries as sex slaves, you know in their eyes that are ex navy seal guys, there was a group, I forget the name.

Dr. Fred: Now imagine going down there armed with a group, pulling these girls out of this horrific environment. That’s pain. But what’s fulfillment? When you’re sitting in the living room, when you bring that girl home. So your purpose doesn’t always feel good, but you live a life that makes a difference and that’s fulfillment. Success and fulfillment are two very different things.

Deliver To The World

Dr. Bryan: Well, said again. I can’t tell you, already as you’ve been speaking through this system, I’ve gotten the goosebumps at least six times, which is always an indication in many ways that like, okay, you’re connecting. This is all truth. This is making sense. It’s just so deep for a lot of people to really understand. On the surface layer, they’re like, wow, geez, should I meditate? Should I not meditate? Do I really? Can I really release these emotions? Once you start to really get a higher level of consciousness like this and understand really the depth of what you’re sharing, it’s truth. It’s amazing.

Dr. Fred: Well you start to reference your divine reference point, you know your divine identity. Well then the last one is once you establish that, then it’s delivered to the world. Now there’s tons of business seminars. Hey man, there’s, you know, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone. All of these guys. So that chapter is about that.

Dr. Fred: It’s about things like believing and having faith and you know, things like principles from, hey man, when Moses was called to the top of the mountain, he’s talking to a burning bush. You know, he’d denies God I think five times. You know what I mean? Hey, I’m slight of speech. Send someone else, you know, who am I going to say sent me? Can you pick somebody else? He might have asked that one twice. Right? So sometimes our purpose is so big that it’s scary yet it’s that thing that won’t leave you.

Connect with Dr. Fred Didomenico

Dr. Bryan: Thank you so much for sharing just the, the acronym, walking us through that system. Let me, let me just ask you a couple of questions if you don’t mind this, this audience is not necessarily made up of chiropractors. This is people that are wanting to actually learn how to, how to become healthier. And you know, if people resonated with what you said and I’m sure many of them did, where can they find you? Where can they find, where can they hear you? Where can they learn more about what you’re teaching and about to develop?

Dr. Fred: Well first of all, Facebook, You Are More Powerful. There’s the Facebook page. You can go to and the book is the, you can get the book, there, the book You Are More Powerful Than You Think. Dr Fred DiDominico is on Audible.

Dr. Bryan: And we’ll put a direct link to all of this on the podcast page. So if you’re listening to this and you want to be able to figure out where to where to, you know, connect to all his details, I’ll make sure you have access to it.

Dr. Fred: You know, we’ll have an online coach system. You know, there’s tons of things coming right now. There’s a book and there’s lots of things coming. You know, the book, it’s not a book that you read. It’s probably easier to listen to because when you read it, you know, there’s so many sentences that are like, shoot man, I need to meditate on that. What I will guarantee you. It’ll change you from the inside out by not who you need to become, but by releasing what isn’t true because it’ll bring your true innate originated being.

Where is Fear?

Dr. Bryan: Where does fear come into this equation? Because a lot of this in my mind is like, it seems like a fear would be the polar opposite of a lot of what you just shared.

Dr. Fred: Well, it would be, and obviously fear is learned, right? It’s our impressions of our emotional presses that we’ve made. And it’s also, that’s, that’s the irony of our divinity and our humanity. We’re created in love. Yet we’re given a brain that wants to survive, you know, so it doesn’t want us to take risks. So I look at it like, you know, I was the little adrenaline kid that wanted to climb to the top of the tree where the branches are thin and you’re blowing in the wind and your mom’s about two inches tall at the bottom, telling you to come down here like your mom, the little five foot Italian mother, “You’re going to fall.”

Dr. Fred: That’s your brain saying you can’t do this. It’s risky. What are you, what are people going to say? And we realized it’s a tool. I learned this from Chris Zanna You say, you know what? I’m not, not in a life threatening situation. I don’t need you right now. You know when you’re a little adrenaline junkie.

Dr. Fred: You know there’s many other, many other conditions in life. So when you, when your brain is talking to you that you can’t do something, just know that it’s doing its job. It wants you to survive. You can’t take risks. And that’s the contradiction is fulfilling your soul purpose is creating something that hasn’t been created in the way you are destined to create it. It’s never been done before.

Fear is holding your back

Dr. Bryan: And I think that holding onto fear for a long period of time, seems to rob people the opportunity to really express their soul purpose the way that we intend or that we’re capable of expressing it. And so it’s like a snowflake principle man. You know, every stuff, stuff like different and unique that we talk about and hear since we’re kids, every individual, every one of our souls is unique and different. And I think that they out, they deserve to be expressed. And if we hold ourselves back with fear, we’re not helping contribute to society the way we’re capable of doing so.

Dr. Fred: Well, and when you realize you came in perfect, because nobody can do what you’re called to do. It doesn’t matter how good looking, how talented, how rich, whatever, whatever it is that you’re comparing yourself to. Nobody, they can’t do what you are called to do and you can’t do what they were called to do. The rest is letting go the rest and go. You know, going through the exercises and things that help you connect and when you find your soul purpose you don’t and you love yourself, you don’t compare anymore. You celebrate the success of others. You celebrate the wins and the losses because there is no difference. There’s just all of us on our journey in humanity expressing divinity at our own level of consciousness.

Closing Thoughts

Dr. Bryan: Well Dr. Fred, as always man, and I see, I always tell you I’m much appreciate you. You’ve taught me a ton over the years. I continue to learn from you. All of us at this clinic have been influenced by things that you shared and we’ve passed that down to a lot of people in our community. So we appreciate you finding your soul purpose and actually pushing it forward and really making a difference for all of us.

Dr. Bryan: And I was thrilled to be able to connect with you to be able to let other people hear what we get a chance to hear. So thanks so much for joining me today. And then hopefully we get to cross paths here soon. I don’t know when we’ll see each other next, but hopefully it’s not too long. So thank you so much for joining us. Let me tell everybody that this is going to be hosted at so you can find it there when you’re looking for the book or you’re looking for any way to find Dr Fred. But hey, as always, man, much appreciate you and thank you so much for coming on on air us today.

Dr. Fred: Thank you, brother. I really appreciate it, man and man, where we always have a lifelong connection, so I appreciate that.

Dr. Bryan: All right man. Til next time.

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