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Transform your Brain Power and Illuminate your Life [E051]

playing airplane with dadDr. Issac Jones, the Health and Wellness Consultant for Entrepreneurs, shares how he went from being diagnosed with ADHD along with dyslexia with failing grades to achieving consecutive months on the Dean’s List, dropping his medications and shaping a brighter future for himself! Dr. Bryan Joseph interviews, Dr. Issac Jones on how to transform your brain and particularly how he achieved his successes and drop the label of “ADHD” by tapping into his SuperHuman Operating System and illuminating his life.

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Transform Your Brain Power: Introducing Dr. Isaac Jones!

Dr. Joseph: All right everybody, welcome back to the Wellness Connection Show. I am your host, Dr. Bryan Joseph. It’s hard to believe, and I was just sharing this with our guests, that we are at Episode 51 already, which means we’ve been actually sharing messages and interviewing people, and trying to provide resources to you for almost a year. Thank you for all the people that have actually commented and shared your feedback, and shared this with other people. We would have stopped this already, if we didn’t have people like you that were encouraging us to keep doing it.

On that note, I’m really excited to actually share with you the guest that we’re interviewing today, for many reasons. We’ve come in contact with each other over the last few years in some similar circles, and I want to tell you that there are few people that you walk around, or that you hear speak that just kind of illuminate the room from a positive energy standpoint. Today, I get to interview one of those guests, Dr. Isaac Jones. Thank you for joining us.

Dr. Jones: Oh my pleasure. Thank you so much for having me and congratulations on 51. That’s a huge accomplishment.

Dr. Isaac’s Journey of Health

Dr. Joseph: Even before we go into that clinical discussion, can you share a little bit about the journey of health that you’ve been on, and maybe some of the walks of life of where this leadership of a health thought leader has taken you?

Dr. Jones: Thanks so much for, again, having me on. I was raised in a really great home up in Canada. My mom and dad loved all their kids so much, seven kids in the family, but my dad was a janitor. My mom didn’t work. We didn’t have a whole lot of money. Because of that, we ate a lot of the same kind of foods like chicken and potatoes, and just healthy foods. We couldn’t even really afford to eat out at McDonald’s or some of these other fast food restaurants. If I got to eat at a McDonald’s, it was a huge treat. We did that once or twice a year kind of thing.

There was a time where I just, my brain just stopped functioning properly, and I didn’t know why. One of my teachers, she came up to me after a testing period, and everyone else had left the class, and the bell had rung for lunch, and I was still halfway through the test. I hadn’t even finished. I was just having a hard time processing information, and so she sent me in for a psychological assessment. I got a diagnosis of ADHD and Dyslexia.

I was ultimately on different medications, and went from one specialist, psychiatrist and psychologist to another. They were doing their thing, doing what the medical system does, which is prescribe medications for symptoms and underlying issues that aren’t really getting addressed at the cause.

How a chiropractor changed his family’s life

Dr. Jones: Ironically, my mom, she saw the side effects of the medications I was taking, and how it was stripping the spirit that I had, and the light that I had inside of me, and she’s like, “This is not my son anymore,” and so she started looking at working with different alternative healthcare practitioners. She found this one doctor who really educated us on the underlying causes of why people are dealing what I was dealing with.

It showed me so much more of the underlying issues of why my mom was dealing with depression, why my dad was dealing with heart disease. You’d never think that a chiropractor could teach you so much about health and wellness, but when we went in, our eyes were open. It was like we were asleep, and then literally we woke up for the first time in our lives to what true healthcare looks like. We ended up having our lives transformed.

My dad reversed his heart disease. He got off all of his blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication. My mom reversed her depression and anxiety, got off all her medication. She was on Prozac and Effexor, and then, I was on some medications as well, and Adderall and some other ones for ADHD and Dyslexia, and in three months, again it was like a switch got turned on, a light got turned on in a dark room.

It was like transform your brain, and just working with this chiropractor, I know you do the exact same thing. In fact, I’ve seen the success stories coming out of the people that you’ve worked with.

This message needs to be shared

Dr. Jones: I had a transformation in my own life, and I woke up to the reality of true healthcare, and I was like, “I cannot fall back asleep anymore. I have got to get this message out there, because there’s more people just like me that was lulled to sleep by medications, by conventional diet, by just sticking with the medical system, relying on insurance to take care of ourselves,” and we really, truly had our transformation when we took our health into our own hands through the care and the guidance of Dr. Ed. It was just a remarkable transformation.

This is kind of the cool part of the story, I went from Special Needs, getting Cs and Ds in classes and I started getting straight As. I got an Academic International Scholarship to study in the United States, and I ended up getting on the National Dean’s List. I got on the Dean’s List a bunch of semesters in a row, and then I got on the National Dean’s List. I went from Special Needs to National Dean’s List. I believe now that anything is possible for anyone.

If you’ve got depression, anxiety, if you’ve got heart disease, if you’ve got cancer, if you’ve got whatever, you have to address the underlying causes. You have to optimize nervous system function. You have to learn some of the things that you’re teaching inside of your practice, because it truly transforms lives. It inspired me to become the doctor that I am today.

The Superhuman Operating System

Dr. Joseph: I’ve heard you speak on the subject matter called, Superhuman Operating System, and to me, I was fascinated by the discussion. What people may not know on the other end of this microphone is that you work with a lot of really highly successful individuals in all walks of life. Those high, successful performers or achievers have allowed you additional exposure to be able to see how transform your brain operate, and then how that actually in turn changes their ability to apply some of their gifts towards their own health.

So can you share with our audience a little bit of, first of all how would you define the Superhuman Operating System that I’ve heard you talk about, and how would you help somebody work their way through being able to utilize and access that a little bit more?

Dr. Jones: Superhuman Operating System is a way of thinking and being that is more evolved from the rest of society, the way that most people live their lives. It creates more love, joy, happiness, peace. It creates more self-control. It creates more access to a really healthier life, a really healthier way of living. It’s, again, it’s a way of thinking and being that is an upgrade from the way that most people live their lives.

Abominable labeling with ADHD

Dr. Jones: What does that mean? When I was diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, and I still was diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia in the first, even when I was in high school, and struggling with this. There was a professor that was saying, “We should all take this quiz and see how many people have ADHD in this room.” We all do this quiz. I was like, “Hey, part of me believes that if I answer the questions the way that I feel right now, that I’m ultimately going to paint a picture of myself, or believe the way that I’m choosing to believe in this quiz.”

At the end of the quiz, he asked people to raise their hands, how many people scored this. He said, “That means you have ADHD.” I looked around the room and the majority of the people in the room – and I have this insight – “Well frick, using the DSM4 Guidelines yeah, a majority of people have ADHD and they need to be medicated,” right? It was this eye opening experience, so I walked up to him at the end of class and I said, “If I believe that I have ADHD, I’m going to show up and create more behaviors of ADHD, because I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD for years and I’ve used it as an excuse to not pay attention in class, to say, “Oh, I’ve got ADHD, therefore I …”

I started telling him the psychology that I created with the label of ADHD, and so he laughed, and he goes, “You know, yeah you could look at it that way.” It seemed like he didn’t want to talk to me, and he kind of went on.

Choosing what to believe and a new narrative

Dr. Jones: I started studying how to transform your brain, and human thinking. What I realized is that there’s so many people with what they call, Secondary Gain. Secondary Gain is when you hold onto a label, and it becomes so much a part of you that you literally see the world through this label. You get validation, and you get a lot of people saying, “Oh, I heard you’re fibromyalgic. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that.” They actually get so much positive feedback from all these people feeling sorry for whatever condition they have, or the ADHD, or whatever it is, that they maintain holding on to this label.

The Superhuman Operating System asks questions like, “Do I want to choose to believe this about myself?” I asked that question. I said, “I don’t choose to believe that I have ADHD. This was at the time that I just started working with this doctor, so obviously there was a mindset shift for me, where I’m like, “I don’t want to believe that I have ADHD, and I’m going to think differently.” How would I think differently if I didn’t walk around with this label on me. I started challenging my belief systems. I started looking at, “Oh, I’m sitting here in class and I’m talking to my friend at the back of the class because I have ADHD.”

I started believing a new narrative. The new narrative is, “Isaac, you can focus. Isaac, you are an intellect, and you have the ability to learn just as well as Jamie Tudhope, who is the straight A student that was sitting in the front row.”

Dr. Joseph: You were beginning to transform your brain.

Challenging your belief systems

Dr. Jones: Yes, literally beginning to transform your brain, and I was challenging the ways of thinking, based off of this professor essentially diagnosing everyone in the room with ADHD, and that’s when I was just like, “Oh my gosh. I need to start changing the way I’m thinking about the label that I gave myself,” or actually the medical system gave me.

Yes, did I still have ADHD tendencies? Totally, but over time of eating healthy, of following the recommendations of the doctor, and implementing the things that you implement in your clinic, it transformed my life. It transformed my mom’s life. It transformed my dad’s life.

In sync with that, I started to believe, “What if I could become a doctor?” I never thought that thought before, but because I was challenging the system, and the ways that we were labeled in the past, I started to believe, “It might be possible for me to become a doctor,” and then the objection was, “You don’t want to go to the United States of America, because everyone’s carrying guns down there and you might get killed.” There’s this little Canadian transform your brain, I’ve got this idea that everyone’s carrying guns in America, and that I could possibly get killed there, like “I’ll have to join a gang or something like that.” I was listening to hip-hop music in school, so that wasn’t helping, learning about Crypts and Bloods and stuff like that, but it was really powerful because I challenged my belief system.

What I call the “Human Operating System” is our default operation system. It’s the way that we are conditioned from childhood. It’s what our teachers told us. “Hey, you have ADHD.” It’s what our doctors have told us. ”

Thinking About Your Thinking

Dr. Jones: The Superhuman Operating System creates an opening for you to start believing things that I believe God believes about you, that you can create a new future for yourself. Your past is doesn’t need to equal your future. If you change your thinking in a moment, and you start focusing on things that will uplift and encourage you, and start believing things about yourself that will really inspire you to access your God given gifts, talents, and abilities, that you will be able to go out and impact your future in ways that you’ve never done so in the past.

That’s the Superhuman Operating System, and the only way that you can get access to that is through observation of your current ways of being and thinking. “Why am I thinking this way? Do I want to believe this?” Most of us are asleep to our own thinking, but ultimately the only way you can upgrade to the Superhuman Operating System is to think about your thinking. You need to be in a state of observation around your thinking, think about your thinking, and then as you’re thinking about your thinking and your way of being, you can start observing the things that you don’t want and the things that you do want.

Over time, you continue to create upgrades that will allow for you to take on an identity of, “I’m healthy and I make healthy choices. Hey, I’m fit, and I make fit choices. Hey, I’m powerful, and when I look in the mirror, I encourage myself. I uplift myself. I’m not going to tear myself down today.”

It’s this new way of looking at life that creates access to an entirely new future than you’ve never had to access before.

Top Two Must Haves To Transform Your Health

Dr. Joseph: What are some of the regular habits that you find yourself recognizing as must haves for your own health? Routines or rituals that you do, that you think other people, if they incorporated these they would benefit from?

Dr. Jones: The number one, ultimate thing, the meta thing that, what transformed my health initially is what you teach in your office, so I highly recommend anybody going into your office and get assessments done in their nervous system and on their health, because ultimately that was what brought me down this path. That’s what transform your brain. That’s what helped my mom and my dad, and myself get to the level of health and vitality that we’re at right now.

Number two is just look at the amount of sugar that you’re consuming. There’s often times a lot of sugar that you are consuming and you don’t know you’re consuming. If you’re getting conventional salad dressing, for instance, if you look at the label, there’s 45 grams of sugar in 3 tablespoons, and you’re putting that much on your salad, and you’re like, “Well, I’m eating healthy,” but you don’t realize how much sugar conventional brands put in their products to make it more palatable for the mass consumer. Be in a state of awareness around that.

If you just did that, if you looked at your mindset, what we talked about before, and you stay in a state of awareness around your mindset, what you’re thinking, what you’re drinking, what you’re eating, and be in a state of awareness around that. Just question, “Why am I eating this? How much sugar is in this? Did I drink enough water today?” You could create so much performance for yourself.

These are absolute fundamentals

Dr. Joseph: I was about to say, we don’t necessarily … These episodes aren’t long enough to go as detailed as some of the things that you’ve already done, but we did two Episodes 15 (part one), Top Anti-aging & Biohacking Tools for your Toolbox and 16 (part two), 10 Anti-aging & Biohacking Tools for your Toolbox on bio-hacking that a lot of people had good feedback on. It didn’t go to super deep levels, but it went to a little bit of another layer.

As we bring this podcast to a wrap, here’s what I wanted to point out. Something that you just said is, it may seem elementary to a lot of people, these are fundamental things that need to be put in place, but I see these kids with sports activities, whether it be baseball or basketball. All they want to do is get the super cool gear. They want to get the coolest shoes, the most expensive bat, but they never practice the basics, the mechanics that make you good at the sport.

For our health, it’s not different. You can have the coolest bio-hacking toys that exist in today’s technology, but if your foundation and your fundamentals are rocked, you’re never going to be well, right?

Dr. Jones: That’s absolutely true.

Dr. Joseph: I just think that’s very vital, and I think that’s a great point for you to bring up is just say, “Listen, you’ve got to make sure that the fundamentals are solid.”

Dr. Jones: For me, the biggest thing that transformed my life, was going into an office just like yours and getting an assessment done. That initial assessment was so eye opening for me. I just highly recommend.

Closing Thoughts

Dr. Joseph: Excellent, thanks so much for joining us today, Isaac. I think that we’re all waiting anxiously for your books to come out, because there’s a depth of information. These conversations could go on for quite a while in regard to the things that we know would benefit people, and I really appreciate you coming and meeting up with me, and actually spending a little time to share your message with our audience today, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your time, and your gifts, and your resources with us today.

Dr. Jones: My pleasure, thank you so much. Thanks for getting this message out there.

Dr. Joseph: That’s a wrap. Thank you everybody for listening. Maybe we’ll have an opportunity to go deeper with Dr. Jones one day, in terms of bio-hacking or even expanding this. If somebody wanted to reach out specifically to you, or if somebody wanted to find you, or hear you, do you have any ways that’s available at this point? I know you have an exclusive group that you work with, but …

Dr. Jones: Essentially if they want to learn about healthy lifestyle living, and essential oils, then is really great. We teach a lot of really great things on what you can do around the house to just minimize toxins.

Check out our page for more of our podcasts.

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