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Autoimmune Disease Improved and Major Weight Loss!

happy active woman outdoorsI have an autoimmune disorder and came to the Wellness Connection several months ago looking for help to improve my overall health.

The initial blood work revealed exactly where my problem areas were and a plan was formulated to help me achieve better health. With their guidance I cleaned up my diet extensively, added supplements and have lost 30 pounds so far.

My recent repeat blood work showed MAJOR improvements in ALL areas. I actually did a Happy Dance in their office after getting these latest test results.  I have worked very hard putting all these diet changes into daily practice and it is very rewarding to see some real, measurable improvements in my health from following their advice.

I have learned a lot about my health and how food choices affect my body through working with Dr. Joseph and Dr. Olivia and the level of care they provide is outstanding!  I am living proof that even someone with a difficult medical condition can still see improvements in their health!

The Wellness Connection has made a difference in the quality of my life and I am grateful to them for that!

Laura Swahn

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