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How to Boost your Immune System Naturally and Decrease Allergies

food prepThere is a natural way to decrease allergies. When hearing “allergies” many think of the pollen, grass, flowers or anything that is currently in the environment. The environment does play a major role, but we cannot blame it all on the colorful flowers and trees. It is important to know that there is a relationship that lies between your internal and external environments that contribute to your symptoms.

External and Internal Environments

It is nearly impossible to change your external environment, many of us do not have the capability to pick up and move to a different state or country when the seasons change, but even doing this will not fix the underlying issues going on internally. To find what is going on with your internal environment this is where getting a food sensitivity or allergy tests are beneficial.

To decrease allergies, many people keep antihistamine medication close by to decrease their symptoms. Have you ever thought to yourself what histamine is? Histamine is something naturally produced by our own cells producing a reaction or a response to something. In the instance of allergies, the symptom that you experience is how your body is responding to that allergen. There are many factors to consider in why some with allergies have more severe symptoms compared to others.

People who take antihistamine medication daily and throughout the day so they can gain control of their symptoms can create a problem. Over time, year after year of consistently taking medication to decrease allergies your body will develop a tolerance to the medication. The medication will no longer work and your symptoms will return stronger than before against those allergies.

Natural Antihistamines to Decrease Allergies

But there are natural antihistamines on the market that can replace the medications. Some very common ones include stinging nettle, bromelain and N-acetyl cysteine. We have to remember that these are natural sources, meaning that they will not stay in our system for very long periods of time compared to antihistamine medications. It is important that when implementing natural sources it is more effective to take higher doses every 4-5 hours to decrease intensity of symptoms, then can slowly decrease amount. This is what we call “the buildup”, building up the amount in the body and making the immune system strong.

The role of foods

Food plays a big role in allergy symptoms. Certain foods make allergy symptoms worse these include gluten, soy, dairy and sugar. Sugar is a food source that comes in multiple forms but the sugar that needs to be avoided is artificial sugars found in soda, cookies, juices, etc. Consuming naturally derived sugar that is found in fruit and sweet potatoes will not cause symptoms to worsen. Gluten, soy, dairy and sugar are natural producers of mucous, causing more inflammation, making symptoms worse.

Through a food sensitivity test you will be able to see what foods your body is having a reaction too and eliminate those foods. This will help your body give you the support that you need to decrease your symptoms from external allergies, decreasing your overall histamine levels. Our gut is the centerfold of our immune system and improving your gut health, your internal health, this will determine the root cause of your allergies.

Allergies and Your Immune System

Thinking back to our parents or grandparents allergies were not as common. Why is this? Today many of us have more allergies because we are not exposed to as many allergens as we were generations ago. In developed countries, where it is more of a clean environment, this causes less exposure to more antigens at a young age, preventing the immune system to create a tolerance to that antigen. Getting more exposure to these antigens at a young age provides the strength the immune system needs to protect itself, building the immunity the body needs for life.

If you can decrease allergies naturally, it can be a great support to your immune system. Remember changing your diet is much easier than changing your environment. Use some natural supplements and tools to help boost your immune system during allergy season. To find more information about allergies and building your immune systems please listen to our podcast episodes in the two links above on how to boost your immune system naturally and decrease allergies.

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