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Diabetes and High Cholesterol Reversed, Fatigue Eliminated, Renewed Sense of Wellbeing and Lost 50 Pounds!

After three years of being treated for Diabetes, High blood pressure and rising cholesterol, I was frustrated! I did everything my Physician told me to do, diet, exercise and medications.  Yet, my numbers were not improving,

I was tired, my joints ached, my weight loss was stalled and the only answer my Physician had was more drugs! I knew there had to be a better way.  And there was, Dr. Shields found the key to unlock the puzzle of my health.  He looked at me in a whole new way. He wanted to know why my body was doing this, not how to treat the symptoms. I was no longer part of a group of symptoms. I was Desiree’, an individual, treated as an individual. It has been an amazing journey.

Six months later, I am 50 pounds lighter, my numbers are beautiful and my physician has declared I am no longer a diabetic!  No more medications, and I feel the healthiest I have in years. I am about to turn 49 years old and I am looking forward to my 50’s. I am full of energy, no joint pain and I know how to stay this way!

I even did a 50-mile bike ride!  Dr. Shields taught me to not settle for a substandard life and I will be forever grateful for all He has done on my behalf!

Desiree Llloyd

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