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Medical Belief Exposed! Part 2 Is Cholesterol Medications as Helpful as We Think?

man with chest painOver 40 million people worldwide take drugs to help lower their cholesterol. But now there is evidence that the majority of them will not benefit from them. As we revealed in our blog post, many doctors believe cholesterol is not as involved as once believed in the cause of heart disease and deaths.  This next video will expose the error in the use of statin medications to prevent heart disease.

The link above is the second video in the series “Heart of the Matter”.  The first video I posted last week can be found here:  The video is the heart in the upper left hand of the page.

What can you do to be healthier?

It is now widely accepted that other factors to heart health are not just cholesterol.  We now know we should look at chronic inflammation markers like CRP, Fibrinogen, homocysteine and ferritin.  It is also well known that deficiencies of specific nutrients, such as Coq10, Vitamin E, and Taurine, can lead us to be more vulnerable to heart attacks. This is why we perform much more extensive testing than most doctors. We want to detect a problem before it arises and help patients who have had problems try to avoid any future problems!  To see a sample of some of the testing we perform click here.

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About The Doctor

Dr. Olivia Joseph D.C., C.F.M.P is the clinic director and owner of Wellness Connection Center. She is a board certified functional medicine practitioner (1 of only 8000 in the U.S.) and has traveled the country as a consultant and educator of functional medicine for other professionals. Dr. Olivia Joseph is recognized as an industry leader for pioneering and developing natural programs geared toward helping people reverse chronic disease and helping “healthy” people who want to become healthier. Don’t be surprised if you see doctors from other clinics spending the day and doing rounds trying to discover why Dr. Olivia Joseph’ care is so effective. Dr. Olivia Joseph has been helping patients for over thirteen years and has helped more than 2,000 patients successfully. Dr. Olivia Joseph has been featured as an expert on several health and wellness topics for fortune 500 companies like GE capital and Comerica Bank. She is also a registered speaker for the American Diabetes Association.She and her husband have 2 children and currently live in the 111 O’Fallon Commons Dr. O`Fallon, MO 63368 area.

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