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Lost 33 pounds! Improved Quality of Life: Heartburn, depression, arthritis, insomnia, confusion, and poor memory.

When I came to Dr. Shields 7 months ago, I didn’t like the old woman that I saw in the mirror.

I suffered from obesity, extreme heartburn, anxiety, depression, arthritis, insomnia & a few other very annoying ailments. I had pills for this, pills for that… I was in a constant state of confusion & couldn’t remember anything. I really had no quality of life. Today I love my healthy food choices. I’ve lost 33 pounds. I take no over-the-counter medications & my sleep is much improved. I’m a mall-walking addict (Who’d a thunk it?). My lab results are cleaned up & I’m not the least bit concerned with dying prematurely. Happiness is a choice. To me, being happy is being healthy.

-Brook Fullagar

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