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Phase 2 Eating

Once the elimination/detoxification phase is over, the ball is thrown to you to start making good, health conscious decisions. Now just because you are finished with phase one eating, it does not mean that you can get away with never eating vegetables or quinoa or rice ever again. In fact, the diet is there to show you how much you should have every day from here on out.

The phase one diet should be the pillar of your diet now and forever.
We will now begin to reduce the amount of shakes you are drinking each day. The volume of supplementation will also decrease, but this is unique for each patient. This will leave more room for quality foods in your diet. The ultimate goal here is to have you continue to improve your health and with minimal supplementation once your program is complete. If you have become accustomed to your new way of eating (phase one) then you are free to continue doing so for now. With the amount of supplementation you are taking you will not have any deficiencies for the time being. I suggest that you initially bring back whole foods to your diet. That is, foods which are unprocessed and unrefined. Better yet, foods that look like they came from the ground or a living animal. Processed or refined foods should be limited as much as possible. So fruits, legumes (a.k.a. beans), tree nuts and seeds (chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax meal are the best seed choices) should be brought back (as long as there are no food sensitivities found on you Alletess food sensitivity test).

The number one thing I see people do at the start of phase 2 is decrease the amount of vegetables they consume. This is wrong! Without vegetables it is impossible to get the enzymes, vitamins and minerals you need to thrive. Supplements do a tremendous job of offsetting what we do not get in food, but natural foods are still the best way to assure that you are get what you need for your lifetime. They are also good for filling you up and keeping the junk out of your diet.

One half of your plate should be filled with vegetables for any given meal! I know that I do not get enough vegetables at lunch most days. This is why I use a high power blender (Nutribullet or Vitamix) almost every morning for a produce shake. I couple of vegetables and hand full of berries with 12 ounces of water or milk substitute and a serving of protein like nuts, eggs, quinoa…and that is my breakfast! This is fast, easy and assures that if I am not able to eat my veggies at lunch, I am still going to meet my vegetable quota for the day. Now, I am not saying that you have to do this, but that is what works for me. Many patients cut up veggies in the morning and carry them with them, grazing throughout the day. This works just as well.

Phase 2 eating is it! There is no phase 3 or 4. Continue eating the way you did in phase 1 for the most part, add in whole food options and know that you will not be perfect everyday for the rest of your life. One or two “bad” food choices a week will not kill you (unless you have an autoimmune condition). However, one or two bad food choices each day will cause you to regress.

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