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How To Reach Your Full Potential & Liberate The Hero Within [E036]

Dr. Chris Zaino reveals how to reach your full potential and liberate the hero within you. It can start with conversations with others to gain outside perspectives which help us re-find that childlike wonder and curiosity and learn to strengthen our strengths and love our weaknesses. This is a transformational conversation.

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Reach Your Full Potential: An Introduction

Reach Your Full Potential: An Introduction
Photographer: Agnieszka Boeske | Source: Unsplash

Dr. Bryan: All right, everybody. Welcome back to The Wellness Connection show. I am your host, Dr. Bryan Joseph. I’m really, really, really excited to bring a special guest to you today who has been a friend of mine for, gosh, I don’t know, maybe five, six, seven years now, but every time we’ve come in contact together, he’s been an inspiration to me. I’m excited to bring him to you because I know he’s going to drop some information that’ll be inspiring to you. That’s the whole purpose of this whole podcast is to help people get well and stay well naturally. This guy has been that huge instrumental factor in helping a lot of people achieve that.

Dr. Bryan: Let me give you just an idea who’s on the other end of this microphone with us today. This is Dr. Chris Zaino. He’s been an author, a speaker, a professional bodybuilder, Mr. America, Mr. Universe, but probably most importantly, a thought leader in the natural healthcare space and made a huge impact in a lot of people’s lives. Chris, thanks so much for joining us today.

Dr. Zaino: Thank you so much, Bry, Doc. This is great, man. Thanks for having me on board, and everybody who’s watching and listening. There’ll be a ton of value, so you’ll listen to this many times. Always make sure, if you do like it, share it with people.

Dr. Bryan: Absolutely. That’s what’s been so cool about unfolding this mission that we’ve been doing, Chris, is so many people are sharing because the information has been valuable. I know today it will be another example of that.

Chris Zaino’s Journey

Chris Zaino's Journey
Photographer: Ricardo Rocha | Source: Unsplash

Dr. Zaino: I like to start around 1998. That’s always good. I was 21 years old at the time. That was the year I won Mr. America. At that time, it was a huge goal, win this title. I had my degree in exercise physiology from the University of Central Florida. This title, I have this degree. I’m living in Orlando. I’m working at Universal Studios, training the Xena: Warrior Princess team and the Hercules team. The Internet’s starting to come up, starting to write for the Internet, covers of magazines. It was great. I had a great career. It was awesome. It’s like I could do this for the rest of my life. It was fun.

Dr. Zaino: Then a couple years later, I found myself going through a health crisis. That was very shocking to me, because I had believed that my health was how I looked or how I reach your full potential. I looked good. I’m on the cover of the magazines. I felt good. I ate right. I exercised. I did my cardio. I worked out with my weights. I gave people nutrition advice and exercise advice. I didn’t drink. I didn’t smoke. I only drank water.

Dr. Zaino: When you do all this stuff, it’s like I was almost self righteous in the fact that I am the epitome of health. Then I started going to the bathroom a lot. I thought I had a stomach bug. It never got better. Okay. Then I started bleeding every time I went to the bathroom. Two or three weeks into it, I’m like, “All right, this sucks.” I’m seeing blood, and I’m like …

From fit to sick

Dr. Zaino: I’m not telling anybody. I go online, and I type in blood in stool. If you guys ever played Google MD, this is when it nails you. I’d go on Google, type in blood in stool, and the first thing that pops up is cancer. In fact, the whole first page was cancer, colon cancer. I’m thinking to myself, at that time I believed genetics, we’ll talk about epigenetics maybe later, but genetics was like, “Hey, it’s in my genes. It’s in my genes. It’s the cards I’ve been given. There’s nothing I could do with it.”

Dr. Bryan: We hear that a lot.

Dr. Zaino: Always. I said, my dad died of cancer when I was 21 at 68 years old. My grandfather died in 1975, a year before I was born. Never met him. So there’s this cancer in the male side of my family, and I’m like, “Okay, maybe it’s in the genes,” but at 20, I was 25. “25 years old? No way.” I got really scared, because I [inaudible 00:04:38] this was it.

Dr. Zaino: I did something that was probably really ignorant of me. I did something that a lot of us may do when we find a crisis in our health, in our finances, in our relationships, in our business. I did something called disassociation. Here’s the problem, and I just, maybe if I just disassociated from it, put it out of my mind, it wouldn’t sting, but it’s still there. Always know, when there’s a cause to a problem, you must go at the cause. You can never, like I did, run away from it.

Getting Diagnosed With a Terminal Disease

Getting Diagnosed With a Terminal Disease
Photographer: Silvestri Matteo | Source: Unsplash

Dr. Zaino: It continued to get worse and worse. I got to the point where my physical issues were turning into an emotional, spiritual and mental issue. You can’t separate the three. Our body is like an egg. You got the shell. You got the white. You got the yolk in it. You affect one, you affect them all. You can’t … We’re all those things.

Dr. Zaino: It’s blood. It’s mucous. Dr. Bry, it’s gross. It’s horrible. It’s shocking to people. And it’s depressing. It’s invalidating. That moment was the moment I was like, “What the hell happened to me? What became of me? Now, how do I go from this cover model, Mr. America …” My entire identity was stripped from me at that moment. It was depressing. I ran out of the loading dock, and I realized that I got to answer this problem now. The problem now has to be faced.

Dr. Zaino: Went to the hospital. I was diagnosed with an incurable terminal disease called ulcerative colitis. It’s autoimmune. It’s incurable. I’d be on drugs the rest of my life. I would probably need surgery. I went on about a three month, four month course of drugs, and medications, and doctors, and other medications. I got medically induced hepatitis from all the drugs they were giving me. All this thing, that best quote unquote in the world, the top doctors for digestive disease found me doing organ rejection medications, chemotherapy, low dose REMICADE, interferon shots.

Chris’ continuous struggle

Dr. Zaino: I went from 230 pounds down to 158 pounds. They said I was sterile by that point as well because of all the drugs. They said, “This drug, you’ll probably be sterile, so you’re not going to be able to have kids.” All that stuff didn’t work. On top of that, the only option at this point, my only option was surgery. The surgery would be to remove my entire large intestines. I would have a hole on the right side of my abdomen that a colostomy bag that would be placed there. That’s where you pour your waste into, out of your body.

Dr. Bryan: This is when you’re still in your twenties, correct?

Dr. Zaino: Yeah, yeah. This is, dude, from the first symptom to what I’m talking about now, probably four and a half, five months, like that, boom. Like here to here, like that. It was literally running into a solid mountain going a thousand miles an hour. I swear, it was like boom, life stopped. That was my only option.

Dr. Zaino: A lot of times, when we’re faced, in life, we’re only given this one option, we feel it’s the only option. I was like, “Well, I guess I got to do the surgery.” They’re like, “Well, we don’t know if you’ll make it through it. You’re on organ rejection medications. We don’t know if we can connect your colon,” and all these complications, but it’s like, “This is the only path. You got to go.”

Mr. Bowman and How He Changed Chris’ Life

Getting Diagnosed With a Terminal Disease
Photographer: Jesper Aggergaard | Source: Unsplash

Dr. Zaino: My mom is writing out her prayer emails, because it affects everybody in your family. She’s writing out her prayer emails. She already lost two sons at this point and my dad. My dad dies, two sons have already been taken from her, and this is the third son. Of all the emails that came in praying for the surgery and stuff like that, my anatomy teacher from 10th grade in high school says, “I want to see Chris when he comes into town.”

Dr. Zaino: I’m coming to town. I got the mask on my face to protect my immune system. I see Mr. Bowman there. I’m like, “Hey,” I go, “What are you doing here?” He’s like, “Listen. I need you to go see my chiropractor. He’s a corrective care chiropractor. He’s going to find out the cause of the problems. He’s going to change your life.” Dr. Bry, when I heard that, I thought he was crazy. I thought he was …

Dr. Zaino: Number one, “Yes, thank you for trying to help me.” You know how everybody wants to give their two cents, but it sounded so absurd. It wasn’t even to point of skepticism. In my mind, I’m like, “A chiropractor?” I’m like, “How is a massage going to help an incurable disease, autoimmune, that the best in the world and the best in the country can’t help?” Billion dollar facilities I went to. I said, “Thank you so much,” I go, “but I tried everything.”

Dr. Zaino: Then he changed my life, because listen, my teacher goes, “You didn’t try everything, because if you tried everything, you would have had your health.” It woke me up, Dr. Bryan,

Finding the blind spot

Dr. Zaino: Oh my God. Like he’s right. It cracked my mind open just for a little bit. I would’ve went right back to where I was, but it was enough for me to say, “Okay, I’ll visit this chiropractor,” who had an office in his home.

Dr. Zaino: I went there. He talked to me about the brain and the nervous system. He told me all laws of life. I couldn’t sit there and call BS on it. It’s like, yeah, the brain controls everything. Yes. The spinal cord. Yes. It was just basic, Dr. Seuss science, basically. It was amazing. It was simple. When I went back and I looked at my x-rays, he had taken x-rays of my spine, and that’s when I saw my blind spot.

Dr. Zaino: If you guys are watching, again, financial, relationship, health or business, if you’re struggling there, a blind spot means this. You’re not going to see the problem. All right? That’s what a blind spot is. If it’s a blind spot, you’re not going to see it in a month either or in a year later. You need a coach. You need a non-biased, outside looking in opinion to say, “Dude, there is a problem right there that you don’t see that’s destroying you.” Remember. It’s never the things we know that get us. It’s always the things we don’t know that get us.

Dr. Zaino: It’s never the things you know about that gets you. It’s always the things we didn’t know about, right?

Dr. Zaino: It’s the heart disease going on and the cancer that goes on that people didn’t even realize it was there. Then boom. Even though it took 30 years to develop, they didn’t know, and then boom, it hit them.

Subluxation and not quitting

Dr. Zaino: I had damage to my spine. We call that a subluxation. Damage to the spine interfering and irritating the nervous system, therefore blocking or interfering the quantity and quality of flow of the mental impulses to that organ, because the brain controls all the organs.

Dr. Zaino: I looked at it. I’m like, “Okay, so when am I going to get better?” This is the reason why I chose this route. He looks at it. He’s like, “As long as you have that problem there interfering with your body’s ability to heal and function and operate, your body’s not in the environment to be able to heal itself.” He never claimed he was the healer. No. He was like, “Your body is not able to heal itself like it always was.”

Dr. Zaino: He points at me, and he goes, “but when you choose to correct your problem that you have that’s affecting your life and your future, that interference, then your body will be able to be an environment to then be able to heal itself as it always did.” He’s like, “but the day and the hour you’re asking me, that’s not up to me. That’s up to you. That’s up to you putting in the work. That’s up to you showing up. That’s up to your body, because what I will tell you, you will get well as long as you don’t quit on yourself, no matter how long it takes.”

Dr. Zaino: I still, I literally say the same thing to my patients today, because there’s no other way to say it better. Sometimes people say, “Well, what do you guarantee me?” I’m like, “No, no, no. What do you guarantee me? You going to reach your full potential?”

A journey of healing & new life

Dr. Zaino: So I’m scared. Three months go by, three months. I’m off half the medication. Still bleeding. Five months go by. I’m off all the medication. Still a little bit, but by five months now, Dr. Bry, I, as stubborn and skeptical as I was, can at least see, “Hey. I’ve reduced and lowered the meds. I didn’t have the surgery. My weight’s stabilizing. The blood’s lessening.”

Dr. Zaino: Here’s the thing. When you know something’s happening, then you don’t need faith anymore, because faith turns into knowing. So I know, okay, now I know I’m going in the right direction. Then it took off, because then you believe.

Dr. Zaino: That’s what I tell my patients, and I’ll tell you out there. If you need to borrow my confidence in your ability to heal in the beginning, then do so, because you might have to borrow someone else’s confidence in your ability to heal, what they know about you, until you actually could see it for yourself.

Dr. Zaino: Seven months later, the blood stopped, and my body healed itself from an incurable terminal disease called ulcerative colitis. That’s been 16 years ago. That took me on the journey to going back to school. I became a chiropractor. We opened up in 2005. We’ve become one of the largest clinics in the history of the profession, but even in helping hundreds of thousands of people, but even more exciting than that, I have two beautiful sons that I was told that I would never be able to have. All because one person took the time to tell me. That’s why, Dr. Bry, you do stuff like this.

Why We Should Not Be Scared

Why We Should Not Be Scared
Photographer: Melanie Wasser | Source: Unsplashs

Dr. Zaino: Looking back, it scares the crap out of me, knowing that what if I didn’t make the decision I did? The last 16 years of my life, the financial confidence, the financial security, the impact, the growth, the contribution, the love, the children, the ability to be on TV and radio and speak all over the world, and help hundreds of thousands of people, all of that would have been vanished. Here’s the scary part, I never would have known any different.

Dr. Zaino: You got to understand. Never underestimate the reach your full potential and the ability of the life you could possibly have in the future. The thing is, I never would’ve, I wouldn’t be able to sit there and regret in a wheelchair. No, no. I just wouldn’t have known that life was there. Therefore, I thought my life would have just been in a wheelchair, not knowing that I could’ve been living this life the whole entire time.

Dr. Zaino: How many of you that are listening, there’s this amazing, beautiful, wonderful contributing, impactful life that you were created and meant to live, but you’re not. You’re not. It’s a life, I’m telling you, looking back on the last 16 years, it’s a life that I never dreamed I would ever live. It’s better than I thought it ever would have been. It just scares me.

Dr. Zaino: That’s why I tell my story, Dr. Bry, is because I know that there’s a lot of us that are scared, and we’re not making the decisions in our life that we need to make. Maybe you might be at a job, and you don’t want to be there anymore. You know you should be somewhere else.

Having Thought Leaders In Your Life

Having Thought Leaders In Your Life
Photographer: Guille Álvarez | Source: Unsplash

Dr. Bryan: Dr. Zaino, that’s an awesome share. Thank you so much for doing that. I will tell you, the cool part that I’m hearing, something we say in our practice a lot is decisions all start with a conversation. Destiny, in your situation, your complete destiny shifted by a conversation. Completely changed by a conversation. It’s not like you have to go and actually just jump into just doing something. Having a conversation with somebody that may know something that you don’t necessarily have full grasp of can be the deciding factor that completely shifts the destiny of your life.

Dr. Zaino: Oh absolutely. That’s why I think it’s so important to have thought leaders in your life. What I mean by a thought leader is, I have someone like … Hey, listen. I won Mr. America. I know how to reach your full potential. But I personally invest in myself, and I pay someone that I have to send a picture to every Monday. You know why? It’s accountability. You know how many pizzas and cookies I did not eat because I have to on Monday? He’ll tweak my carbs.He’ll tell me what to do at training. The accountability compounded over time has made me healthier, more disciplined, feel great.

Dr. Zaino: That carries over to every area of your life. That could be in your finances. You have a thought leader in finances. You have a thought leader in relationships. You have a thought leader in your health. Dr. Bryan is a thought leader. I’m a thought leader. You have someone who’s a thought leader. They just care about you. You’re investing yourself, so you’re going to listen to one opinion that you trust.

They will find your blind spots

Dr. Zaino: They’re able to see, just like the NASCAR. The NASCAR isn’t the one dude or the one gal who gets in the car and drives around the track. It’s a fricking team. They’re all talking to you in your ear. They’re telling you all the blind spots you don’t see, so you win the race.

Dr. Zaino: You want this team of people. Some you invest in, some you pay for, some are friends and family members that are willing to mentor you. But when you have an outside perspective, they will find the blind spots. You could work on those blind spots and have that conversation. Number one, you will go faster, further, and with a lot less friction than you would just trying to figure it out on your own.

The Power Of Being Like A Child

The Power Of Being Like A Child
Photographer: Robert Collins | Source: Unsplash

Dr. Bryan: If you wouldn’t mind, man, share a little bit about what you’re up to now and the new projects that you’ve actually been unfolding, because I think it’s really cool.

Dr. Zaino: I think it’s great for everybody to know. As a human, you’re a spiritual being living a human experience. Okay? Remember that. You will always be evolving. That’s the way it works. At 21, I thought training people, I was like, “Oh,” I remember saying, “This’ll be great. I’ll do this the rest of my life.” I didn’t. Six years later, I was doing something else.

Dr. Zaino: Realize you evolve, so there’s going to come a time where the thing that you love right now that’s great, you may evolve out of it. You might get complacent after a while, because you’re always looking to grow, expand in impact. So even though we made a, I checked off all I said, I checked off all the boxes that you would want in life that would make you successful. When I checked off all the boxes, there was no party. Everything society said would be successful, and there was still this unfulfilled part of me, because you’re always yearning to make a bigger impact and grow. You always have to be growing.

Dr. Zaino: It actually brought me into depression, because I started staying at this level, not knowing why I was feeling this way.

Dr. Zaino: When I questioned my why, I asked, “Well, why do I do what I do?” The answer I used was a very Success 101 answer. It’s the answer you want to tell everybody else. Why I do what I do is because I want to see people have better lives.

Getting admired for achievements

Dr. Zaino: It wasn’t the real answer. I really got down with myself on that, and really worked hard on myself. The answer that came out of me is, why do I do what I do? It just came out, because I want to be admired for achieving outrageous things in this world and accomplishing outrageous things in this world that’s never been done before. I just wanted to be admired and appreciated for that.

Dr. Zaino: Even though it sounded so selfish, it was the only thing that was truth to me. I realized we all want to be admired. We all want to do courageous things. We all want to be appreciated for contribution in this planet. We like to be admired or acknowledged for that.

Dr. Zaino: I’m looking at the words, those specific words that I was feeling in the dictionary online, and I saw the definition of hero come up. The definition of hero is one who is idolized or admired for courage, contribution, outrageous achievement, nobility. When I saw that, I lit up, and I felt like a kid again, which I haven’t felt childlike in a very, very long time.

Dr. Zaino: When you realize when you’re a child, everybody, if you have kids, this is very easy, but when we’re children, what are we? We are loving. We are forgiving. We are playful. We are creative. We have imagination. We’re relentless. My kids close me 100%. My oldest, my 12 year old is 100% close on me in 12 years. He’s the greatest salesman in the world. They’re closers.

Feeling like a child all over again

Dr. Zaino: They want everything now. Everything. They live in vertical time, not horizontal time. We live in horizontal time. A lot of us based our future off our past, and we live in this ridiculous thing. We’ve totally skipped the present. When you’re a kid it’s like, when do you want to go to the park? Now. When do you want to play? Now. Right? Everything’s about present time. They enjoy the moment.

Dr. Zaino: Like I said, they have pride. They have ego. I’ll tell you right now. My son, he drew me a little stick figure with some swirly things and said it was a tornado. He was happy, and he wanted me to hang it on my wall. They were very proud, and they were excited about what they were able to create.

Dr. Zaino: The greatest question a child asks, and the most question the child asks is why? Right? Tell them to go to bed. Why? Time to eat. Why. Time to … Why? They’re not questioning you as a parent. They’re just trying to, they are in search of their own truth. Very important here. This is the segue. As a child, we always looked to determine what our truth was. We weren’t really concerned about what other people’s imposed values and truths that they learned upon us.

Dr. Zaino: That’s like, “Why do I got to go to bed at 8:00? I’m not fucking tired.” And the parent just says, “Because I said so,” or, “Because I want to do something, and you’re annoying the hell out of me. Just go to bed.” Right? When I noticed, when my kids asked me why, I was like, wow, my reason to answer their question was rooted in garbage.

We forgot how to be like a child

Dr. Zaino: Dr. Joseph, you do a lot of personal development. We have spent, you and I, we have spent thousands of dollars going to seminars, Tony Robbins, books, courses to gain all the qualities I just mentioned that we were innately given as a child.

Dr. Bryan: So well said

Dr. Zaino: All the qualities. What happened is we forgot. We forgot. We went to school after the age of seven. We were educated. Society educated, rewarded, medicated, and even promoted mediocrity. We were told to conform and fit in. We were told what to think and what to do. We never were given the chance on how to think and how to reach your full potential.

Dr. Zaino: When you live in that circumstance for so long, you put on a false suit, right? I put on this false suit. I can’t raise my hand. I can’t express myself anymore. I got to line up. I got to be quiet. I put on this false suit to conform and fit in. When you wear that secret identity, or that false suit, for long enough, it comes a day when we all looked in the mirror and we forgot who we were.

Dr. Zaino: We forgot the soul pact that we made with that child that we were when we were younger. We look in the mirror, and we don’t even recognize ourself anymore, because we have worn somebody else’s clothing, or we put on this secret identity for so long that that now is the identity we live in. Here we deny the hero or that inner child the entire time. All that feeling you have in your heart is you just seeking that relationship with that child again to be like that again.

Dr. Chris’ I Am Hero Project

Dr. Zaino: That’s when we created the I Am Hero project. I’m telling you, it’s a four-part methodology. We spoke all over the world on it. We have seen, just in a very short time, using those principles we teach, people have found the courage by pursuing purposes according to their passions, according to their purpose, and doing things they love to do now, they found the courage to heal and restore their families once again. This courage, this courage gets someone excited again. They have that childlike excitement again. That excitement gives them energy again.

Dr. Zaino: A lot of times where you, if you’re watching, you feel, “Why am I tired all the time?” It’s not because you lack sleep or lack the right food, because you’re doing something that’s a no. You’re doing something that’s a no that you said yes to. You’re doing something or you’re involved in something that’s not aligned with who you were created to be. That’s why you’re feeling heavy and down and depressed.

Dr. Zaino: Because when you’re depressed, any type of depression, it’s the opposite of expression. Anytime you feel down or depressed or heavy, you’ve got to ask yourself, “What am I failing to express? What am I feeling to communicate,” as we talked about. It really becomes a tremendous eyeopening awareness, because when it comes down to it, I realize that all of you were born with seeds of greatness, and you’re capable of doing heroic things.

Removing interference to function better

Dr. Zaino: That really became my mission as a doctor, Dr. Bryan. That’s what we did. We adjusted people. We removed nervous system interference so they could function better. We gave them great functional medicine protocols so they could function better, so they could be a better person. But I realized it was just a next step evolution. We just want to see people reach your full potential or be the heroes they were created to be. But we know that if you live in that secret identity, there is no chance of that happening.

Dr. Bryan: It’s really interesting, because this is something that we reach your full potential on a lot in the clinic and outside the clinic, but the multiple dimensions of being a healthy individual, physically, chemically, spiritually, biochemically. Yeah, your chiropractic healing experience may have been looked upon more as a physical transformation, but we all realize, the longer we’re in healthcare, that all those components are so intertwined. I love the fact that this hero project is actually bringing that part in for other people as well.

Dr. Bryan: We only have a couple short minutes left. We try to keep these episodes relatively tight just because people are listening to them on the car drive. Here’s what I want to do is I know I can listen to you talk all night. It’s hard for me to actually say that I can listen to someone all night. I’m pretty selective with who I actually enjoy hearing information from.

How To Connect with Dr. Zaino

Dr. Bryan: So I can guarantee there’s people on the other end of this microphone that are hearing this saying, “Man, I want to hear this guy speak. I would like to. Is he on YouTube? Does he have a channel? Where can I find out more information?” I know you don’t necessarily love to promote yourself and whatnot, and you’re very thoughtful in that way. But give everybody a chance to say where can they find you?

Dr. Zaino: Well you could find me on social media. I’ve got a YouTube channel. It’s Dr. Zaino, Z-A-I-N-O. You could check it there. We have a show called We Are Heroes. Again, remember, to keep myself accountable, I hired a film guy to follow me and document my journey of going from the chiro office into this I Am Hero Project.

Dr. Zaino: But the greatest things that you can find me is Instagram. Okay. Instagram’s a great place. I put out content every single day or almost every single day for you guys. I know your time is very valuable, so it’s a greatest commodity.

Dr. Zaino: I purposely make my content where, A, when you look at any of my content, it is going to make you 1 to 2% better for that day. That’s my promise to you, because that’s my intention of it. Two, all the messages or DMs you send, and all the comments you write down, I personally answer all of them. Okay? So it’s not somebody else. That’s a high value have for me to stay connected with you guys. I’m there. I’m answering all that. You just follow me, start seeing those things. We could definitely start keeping this conversation going.

Closing Thoughts: A Free Gift From Dr. Zaino

Dr. Zaino: But the gift I could have for you guys, if you like the hero message that I was talking about, if you go to,, I am, A-M, hero, H-E-R-O, .com, if you just go there, I have a free masterclass for you guys that you’ll love that really talks about these principles. You’ll really enjoy it. If you go on the masterclass, you’re going to get a gift, which is one of my courses that I made called The Hero’s Secret Sauce.

Dr. Zaino: What that was is, whether it be winning Mr. America, Mr. Universe, having a huge, whenever it, all this, all the … I became very successful in many different areas. Someone said, “What’s the secret?” I’m like, “Well, I don’t have a secret.” He’s like, “Yes you do.”.

Dr. Zaino: So I wrote down all the qualities that I felt made me successful or at the top in these areas, and I distilled them down to five main mindset characteristic traits that you could apply today and start winning immediately. That’s videos. It’s a pdf. That’s my gift to you as you go through the masterclass. It’s a ton of value. I know you will enjoy it. The videos are done pristine, high, top shelf quality. It will definitely, definitely be something that you’re so glad you watched and took in.

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