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Thyroid Picture

blissful womanDo you suffer from a hidden thyroid problem? What do you see when you look at this image?

The research shows about half of the people that have one autoimmune disease have more than one.

Gluten sensitivity has been correlated with Hashimoto’s, but more common than that – gluten sensitivity has been correlated with something called cerebellar ataxia.

A simple question we ask our clients is – how do you feel when you look at this picture?

Any feelings of a headache, nausea, or dizziness could indicate that your cerebellum (base of your brain) is being affected (as well as your thyroid if you have Hashimoto’s).

Enroll in our FREE E-course, this program includes….
1. Thyroid and the Leaky Gut Connection
2. Blood markers you must run
3. How to address the ROOT CAUSE
4. Understanding thyroid metabolism
5. How to look at the whole picture
6. What nutrients the thyroid needs
7. The impact of gluten on the thyroid
8. Thyroid and autoimmunity
9. How and where to get tested
10. The impact of stress on the thyroid

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You can also take the first step in discovering what’s keeping you sick and unhealthy by taking our Free Online Health Evaluation. This analysis is your first step to discovering what may be the cause of your problem and keeping you from obtaining the health you deserve. With the online health evaluation you will also receive a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your results.

Why we are different here at Wellness Connection…

At our office we address your thyroid health with a comprehensive and personalized approach. We provide you with a plan, a partnership and a promise to help you start feeling better fast.

Our approach will thoroughly evaluate the biochemical and lifestyle factors that are connected to proper thyroid hormone metabolism. We provide functional testing for our patients to determine the underlying cause of the problem instead of just focusing on symptoms.

By listening to your story and running the right testing we are able to offer you a very unique opportunity to get better. Our goal is to work with you to develop an easy to follow, life-long, healthy solution.


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