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Why Thyroid Medication Is So Difficult To Get Right

Whether you want to reverse disease, lose weight, or just live healthier, we encourage you to take part in the community.

We have so many great things to offer, highlighted below are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Free Online Health Evaluation- The Health Evaluation will evaluate the 4 primary systems of your body and help you and us pinpoint the cause of your health challenges. With this analysis you will qualify for a complimentary consultation as well.
  • Health Articles – Periodic in-depth articles are posted, on our blog, with action steps for natural healing principles. We cover everything from healthy eating to the newest health research available.
  • Free Health Seminars – We host seminars for specific conditions including diabetes and hypothyroidism.  We also have seminars for general wellness like our wellness celebration Survive or Thrive! (held quarterly) or the Advanced Wellness Workshops held bi-weekly.
  • Facebook Page –  Make sure you and Like us on Facebook to receive our instant health tips and ask us anything. We are always available and willing to answer all of your questions. It’s a fast growing, health focused community with people who are striving to be well.
  • Free Downloadable Cookbook and Workbook- Download our cookbook The Real Food Revolution and healthy living workbook Real You Revolution. This cookbook and workbook are jam packed full of great recipes and healthy living secrets that will improve the quality of your life!

I hope to continually empower, inspire, and encourage you to live the life you deserve with abundant health and vitality.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Joseph D.C., C.F.M.P.

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